If you are looking to book a stand then this is the place to start.

What is UK Games Expo?

UK Games Expo (UKGE) is the largest Hobby Games Convention in the UK - where all aspects of the gaming hobby are represented under one roof:

Basic Stats

  • Now in its 13th Year.
  • 39,106 visitors over three days (21698 unique visitors).
  • 395+ Exhibitors
  • Hundreds of seats in tournaments
  • Male/ female mix around 65/35
  • High numbers of families and children.
  • Strong core of hobby games enthusiasts
  • Good opportunity to demo and sell products.
  • Opportunities to playtest game designs
  • Publisher-Designer activities

When is it?

UK Games Expo is held on the weekend after the late May Bank Holiday. UKGE 2019 will be held 31st May to June 2nd with setup on 30th May and a show preview.

Where is it?

It is held in the UK's largest convention centre National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham. This year we will be using Hall 1 and Hall 2 NEC and the NEC Hilton Hotel.


Where do I find out about Trade Stand prices, sponsorship and advertising?

The 2019 exhibitor guide is now available.

Here are the provisional hall plans.


How do I apply?

Just fill in our Application Form and send it to Richard.

(note that it may take 2 to 3 weeks to process applications and in October even a bit longer so bear with us).


What are the Terms and Conditions of being an Exhibitor?

These are all laid out in the Terms and Conditions Pdf


What do I get for my money?

Your stand comes as space only. This means by default we supply no furniture as standard. There are no walls around your stand at all.

In addition to supplying the space for your stand UKGE will:

  • List you as an exhibitor on the exhibitor page with your logo and a link to a site of your choice.
  • Add you to the descriptions of exhibitors page.
  • List you along with a description in the show programme.

Can I sell games or gaming materials on my stand?

Yes you can. Please ensure products are suitable for a family audience to see.

How many Trade Passes do I get?

This is explained on this page: Trader Passes

What are the arrangements for Exhibitor Access?

This is explained in this pdf: click here.

What are the NEC site rules?

This is explained in this pdf: click here.

Can I bring my own furniture?

You are at liberty to bring any furniture and equipment you like. However check Terms and Conditions for any restrictions.

Is it possible to hire Furniture?

The Value Supplier gives you the option of hiring basic tables and chairs for the duration of the show. There is a limited availability of these tables both in size and number. The furniture is ordered through our Exhibitor portal (which you will be sent instructions about on booking) and will be supplied direct to your stand by UKGE. (Prices Exclude VAT)

• Chair plastic white – £4.00 each
• 6’ x 2’6” Trestle Tables – £7.50 each
• 5’ x 2’ Trestle Tables – £7.00 each
• 4’ x 2’ Trestle Tables – £6.50 each
• 3’ Diameter Tables – £10.00 each
• 4’ Diameter Tables – £11.00 each

For more details on the Value Furniture follow this link  

Can I add power?

Yes you can. There is a page on the power options here: http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/power.php

Are you using a show contractor for additional servies?

Yes. The Index Group will supply Shell Systems, Walling, Carpets, Graphics for your stands and special furniture orders. They are

1 Lomax Street, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1PX
Telephone: 0800 085 9885 Facsimile: 0161 7234744
E‐mail: admin@indexgroup.org

Order forms are located on our site and listed below.

What if I want high quality or special item furniture?

The following contractor has a full range of furniture as well as AV and lighting options for hire and installation into your stand.

This is the catalogue and order form for Furniture

How do I layout my stand?

Basically that is up to you but we have a few suggestions on this page.

Can I add Walling or Shell to the Stand?

You do not have to take shell system or walling for the stand. You can just have a tabletop stand. However if you wish to consider Walling or a Shell system it is all covered by the external contractor

This is the order form for the Shell and Walling

Can I add Carpets or other floor covering?

Yes. Index Group supply this.

This is the order form for Floor Covering

Can I get my stand printed with special images?

Index group can achieve this for you:

This is the order form for Printing and Graphics

How do I order Audio-Visual Items?

Index Group will supply these options, here is the order form:

This is the order form for AV items

What about a bespoke stand design?

Want to build something special?
The Neale Agency construct one of a kind exhibition stands.

The Neale Agency
Moot Hall, Market Square,
Daventry, NN11 4BH, Uk
+44 (0) 1327 304050

Can I hang a banner?

 We have a banner package for a 4mx2.4m double sided banner which involves us producing the banner and getting it erected by the nec. 

HOWEVER ALL banners have to applied through UKGE so we don't just have banners hung all over the place blocking other banners etc.  As far as the banners are concerned we can get banners returned to you after the show if you would like it back and it can then be reused.

What about Power?

This is available - see page 8 of the exhibitor pack or click here for more details.

Can I get a phone line and Internet?

This is available - Find it in the NEC Products PDF - they also offer alternatives to Index for some services.

Are there any branding options around the NEC?

Yes indeed. Consult the UKGE NEC Media Pack.

Can I book a event/press/meeting room?

It may be possible to hire you a room for your events. To discuss please contact Richard.

What about Carparking?

We have agreed a deal with the NEC whereby each Exhibitor and Co-exhibitor will be offered a complimentary Car Park Pass for the Trader Car park.

Larger exhibitors may be given more than one pass. You will not pay for these passes. We will issue details directly to you before the show.

Can I get my products delivered to the venue? What about Pallets?

You can arrange direct delivery to the NEC but it MUST arrive on THU 31st May. The NEC will not store your delivery. Send it to: National Exhibition Centre (Your stand number), Hall 1, North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT

You must ensure that you can unload pallets yourself. If you cannot see below.

Can I hire a forklift?

Yes you can. This is done via your exhibitor portal after you book your stand.

Can you help me get my games to the NEC or away again after the show?

This is a service offered by several third party companies. Please make contact with them direct:

Tel- +44 (0) 1730 891346
Email: fulfilment@gamesquest.co.uk

Spiral Galaxy
Tel +44 (0) 1952 587482
Email sales@spiralgalaxygames.co.uk

Tel- +44 (0) 208 912 3136
Email - Logistics@indexgroup.org

Tarrifs for the Index Group Logistics Services are here.

Tel +44 (0)1420 593593
Email purchasingadmin@asmodee.co.uk

Can I hire a stock Room?

This is available - please read this page on the UKGE Stock Room service.

Could I host a party at UKGE?

Only if we can come.

Seriously though we can arrange options for a room at the Hilton NEC or the Plaza Hotel for an evening reception. Contact Richard.

However you need to think about this with plenty of time to spare. Contact us as early as possible and in any event before the 31st March as doing so after that is leaving it too late.

Can we conduct a prize draw, lottery or raffle on our stand?


Please read the detailed ruled on our Prize Draw Page.

Can we place an advert in the Programme?

Yes you can . See Exhibitor Guide for prices

What are the specs for adverts?

Please consult the Programme Advert Guidelines Document