Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

Publisher-Designer Speed Dating

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Update regarding 2021: It is still to early to say if we will proceed with Speed Dating events in 2021. We will have further news after easter 2021.

The UK Games Expo Speed-Dating is an opportunity for invited games designers to pitch their game to publishers during two 90 minute sessions. Designers will see a different publisher every 5 minutes.

Each session will comprise of 12 pitches. There will be a short break in the middle.

The designers will be invited on the strength of a sell sheet and a brief summary that the publishers will have the opportunity to review and short list before the Expo.

We guarantee to invite every publisher’s first choice of designer and as many others as possible. Be aware however that only 24 desgns are selected from normally over 100 entrants.

After the speed dating is over, Publishers will have the opportunity to discuss designs further and make arrangements to follow up designs there are interested in. There is also a potential Publisher-Designer Networking event following the Speed Dating, the details of which will be confirmed in due course.

In 2021 we plan to run two Speed Dating sessions each focused on different genres of games:

  • Euro/ American Style and Strategic Games
  • Family/Abstract and Party Games

Tips on the Speed Dating and Boot Camp

This video was recorded at Virtually Expo in August 2020 and gives you an overview of the process, how to make sell sheets and how to make the best of your pitch.

Designers instructions

Applications will open on 17th May 2021. - TO BE CONFIRMED

Applications for Boot Camp and for Publisher-Designer Speed Dating use the same route.

Designers: to apply to be one of the designers at this event you must do the following:

  1. On 17th May 2021 we will add an application form so you can make your entry. You can select to be considered for Publisher-Designer Speed Dating or Boot Camp or both.
  2. Submit a sales sheet for your game. (Find out more on creating a sales sheet in our FAQ.)
  3. Submit a brief rules summary.(A single sheet of A4 maximum length. Find out more in our FAQ.)
    These documents should be emailed to Richard. with a subject heading of 'Speed-dating/Boot Camp Documentation'.
  4. Ensure you are available on the Friday of UK Games Expo: 30th August 2021 Be aware however that only 24 designs are selected from normally over 100 entrants.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on 10th July 2021 TBC.

Publishers we need you!

We are looking for expressions of interest from Publishers wishing to take part in the Speed Dating.

Publishers should be in a position to be able consider development of designs and potential future publication.

Interested publishers should email Richard.