Friday 30 May - Sunday 1 Jun 2025
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Show Preview

Show Preview

What is the Show Preview?

The Show Preview takes place on the Thursday before the show every year. It is a platform for exhibitors, publishers, designers, retailers etc to showcase their new releases, key games and exciting products to buyers, press and other industry professionals.

Situated in Hall 3, we have an area where we will have tables laid out and Exhibitors who have a trade stand at UK Games Expo who wish to bring new games and products to show can reserve a table (which are provided without charge) to lay out their product.

This is an opportunity for Exhibitors to highlight their key games on show at UK Games Expo to interested Media, Industry Buyers and Retailers.

We expect to have 200+ Press and Media journalists, Pod-casters, Industry Buyers and retailers present.

All attendees should be 16+.

**Applications for the Show Preview 2024 are now closed for Exhibitors (you can still obtain walk up table - read below)**

When is the Show Preview?

In 2024 we will be holding the Show Preview on the evening of Thursday 30th May for 2 and a half hours. This will be located in Hall 3 and will run between the hours of 18.00 to 20.30.

During the Show Preview Press, Exhibitors, Industry Buyers, Distributors and Retailers can gain access to the Hall 3.

What to do when you arrive at the Show Preview?

Once you have applied this is how you gain access:

Exhibitor with a table at the Preview

You will receive an email explaining the details of setting up. But in brief you can attend Hall 3 at 5pm on Thu 30th May to setup your show preview tables. You will be allocated to a table (check the flip chart stands for your table number). Tables are 6ft long and 2.5ft wide. Cloth is provided.1-2 Chairs are provided dependant on what part of the area you are allocated, There is no wall behind you. You may bring pull up banners, You will have the remove all your items at 20.30 on Thu 30th May as the area is used for tournaments after that.

Other exhibitors wishing to see the preview.

If you are an exhibitor at the 2024 show and have a stand then you will have an exhibitor pass which gives you access to the show preview. Please attend Hall 3 at 6pm for the preview (will end around 8.30).

Publishers, designers retailers, buyers, media and other Industry professionals

You will have applied for a Show Preview or Press Pass. If approved this will wait for you at the UKGE ticket booths which are inside Hall 3. Just turn up and give your name, explain there is a Show Preview or Press Pass on the system for you and the pass will be found. Please attend the entrance to Hall 3 at 17.45 on Thu 30th May for a briefing. You will be taken inside at 18.00.

Judges Choice Awards

Prior to the Show Preview we will be hosting the UKGE Judges Choice Awards presentations, which will take place at 17.00 in the Toute Suite in NEC. Press and exhibitors are welcome to attend.

Applications for the Show Preview 2024

Exhibitor applications have now closed. If you do not have a table attend Area T, Hall 3 at 17.00 on Thursday and you will be allocated a walk up table.

Retailers and Buyers and Industry figures can still apply.


Applications for Show Preview 2024 tables are closed.


Visit the show preview.


Visit the show preview for your publication or media outlet?

Questions about the Show Preview from Exhibitors, Retailers/distributors and other industry figures should be sent to .

Enquiries about Show Preview from Press-Media should be sent to

Important Notice: to facilitate the Show Preview, contact data of Exhibitors is shared with Press and Retailers and vice versa under the legitimate interest rules for GDPR purposes. It is not shared with third parties.

Accessing the Show Preview

Further instructions for accessing the show preview (after successfully applying) are here...