Friday 4 - Sunday 6 Jun 2021

Car Parking

Find out about options for where you can park your car when visiting the UK Games Expo.

NEC East Carparks

This year we will be using NEC East carparks:

Prices at NEC advance online price.

  • One Day Parking £12
  • Two Days Parking £14.40. (£7.20 a day)
  • Three Days Parking £21.60 (£7.20 a day)

Booking link for online booking of carparks here...

  • You can book online until midnight the night before you arrive.
  • If you do not pre book your carparking you will pay £16 a day with no multi-day discount. (these tickets are available only from ticket machines inside the NEC).
  • When you arrive at the NEC proceed to East Carparks and park.
  • When you wish to leave the carpark please drive to the barrier which will automatically lift at any time of day or night. In the event of any problems there is a phone to summon a security guard.
  • The shuttle bus will drive from the NEC Carpark on to the Plaza Hotel and and to the entrance near Hall 1 on a loop throughout the day from 8.30 until 19.00.

Other Car Parking Options

  • NEC Complex Hotel - These may be available to both residents and non-residents at their standard daily rates. Check hotel sites for details.
  • Birmingham International Railway Station - 10 minutes on foot from the hotel. £12/day.
  • Resort World - Multistory car park, rates vary.
  • Park on My Drive - Don't ignore opportunities to park on drives in the area.

Car Parking on Thursday evening

Car parking at the NEC under our arrangements is only available on the full show days 21st to 23rd August.

On Thursday 20th August we suggest you park at nearby hotels, Resort World or the West Carpark at the Railway station.

NEC car parks may be open to service other events but we have no confirmation of that.