Friday 30 May - Sunday 1 Jun 2025
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Keeping you Safe

The Event attracts a wide range of Attendees of all ages and the Organisers aim to provide a safe environment in which all Attendees as well as those attending as traders, volunteers, or Venue staff may enjoy the opportunity to see, play and buy the widest range of games. In order for the safe environment to be maintained we would like to ask all attendees to read and take note of the types of behaviour that would be found unacceptable and would not be tolerated at UK Games Expo:

  • Use of bad language, verbal abuse or swearing at other attendees, exhibitors, Venue Staff, UK Games Expo staff and volunteers.
  • Any physical violence towards attendees, exhibitors, Venue Staff, UK Games Expo staff and volunteers, including pushing or shoving.
  • Racial abuse, sexual harassment and intolerance due to gender, race, religion and sexual orientation.
  • Causing damage to the convention buildings, exhibitor stands and property of any attendees.
  • Disorderly behaviour due the influence of alcohol and drugs.

More than just words

UK Games Expo believes that keeping us all safe is far more than a matter of having a policy - its about what we do to actively promote this environment.

This begins at the level of how we train our volunteers. All volunteers have to participate in a webinar which emphasizes and clarifies an active approach. This approach means doing something if you see a problem and not just ignoring it. One phrase we use in that training is:

"The behaviour you walk past or ignore is the behaviour you condone"

UK Games Expo was the first convention to oblige all volunteers from its senior staff down to participate in this training so that on the weekend they all know what to do if they encounter behaviour that is inappropriate.

How to get Help

What to do if you have a problem, grievance or complaint: Ask a Blue Shirt!

Help desks: There is a help desk in Hall 1, Hall 2 and in the Hilton Hotel Library Room. These are manned by 'Blue Shirts'. Blue Shirts are worn by our ambassadors. The ambassadors sole job is to help you the visitor. Just go along and ask for help.

Away from the help desks any visitors who encounter an event or experience that causes distress or discomfort or makes them feel unsafe or threatened or anyone who just needs advise and assistance may report it to any of our Yellow Shirt Volunteers, to our Green Shirted Team Leaders or to the Blue Shirted Ambassadors all of which will attempt to resolve the matter.

Roleplaying Room Captains

Each room in the roleplaying area has an easily identifiable room captain whose role is to keep the rooms under observation and take action in the event of any problems. They can be approached by any player or GM who wished to raise an issue.

Exhibitors should approach Exhibition services who can summon Keith Thomasson (Trader Liaison) or the relevant floor manager.

Volunteers should contact their team leaders, or the volunteer manager. In the event of an unresolved dispute they can speak to the volunteer arbitration manager Tessa Norris - for more details see the volunteer policy.

Visit our terms Terms and Policies pages for more details on all the rules and conditions that apply to attending UK Games Expo.