Friday 3 - Sunday 5 Jun 2022
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Living History Village

The Past comes to life

Visit the Living History Encampment on the grass between the Hilton Hotel, Pendigo Lake and the NEC to experience life in AD 60, 950 and 1944. Here three different time periods are represented by re-enactment groups. In their camps you can find out more about life in the past. In the Arena there will be demonstrations of weapons and battles.

The Encampment is open from 10am till 5pm each day, and all events are completely free


Meet the Vikings

Find out more about how the Vikings lived, worked, ate, and gamed a thousand years ago, at our Living History Encampment. Ardenweard are a Warwickshire-based group of The Vikings reenactors. Throughout the day, you’ll have the chance to rub shoulders with the Vikings and try out some Dark Ages boardgames such as Hnefatafl and Nine Men’s Morris. There will also be some amazing combat displays, weapons demonstrations, and battles - plus the chance for children aged under 11 to have a go at combat training and battle Vikings.
Most events occur in the Arena but the following occur at the Viking camp:
12.00am Talk: The Realities of Adventuring
2pm (Saturday only) Hnefatafl Competition

The Realities of Adventuring

A light hearted talk by the Vikings showing actual items used during the 9th/10th centuries that often turn up in fantasy Role playing games. What exactly is flint and steel, and how do you use it to make a fire? What would an early medieval mirror look like? How to set up camp for the night?  How would Vikings pick a lock? These and other questions answered. Good information for players and GMs who want to add some realism to their fantasy worlds

Hnefatafl Contest

The Vikings challenge you to a game of wits and cunning!!!!   Hnefatafl is the Ancient Viking board game, similar in appearance to chess but having a totally different strategic rule set. All day you will be able to learn this game, but at 2pm on Saturday the Vikings will be having a championship that anyone can take part in to win a prize. Have you got what it takes to out wit a Viking?

Just come to the Viking area at 2.00 pm on Saturday to take part.


Learn about the Pathfinders

ETO Alliance are a UK based group of WW2 military reenactors who portray the US 502nd PIR pathfinders of the 101st airborne division. These were the first US paratroopers to land on D Day (June 6th 1944). Find out about their training and see their weapons as well as a jeep and field hospital. There will be demonstrations of their weapon drills in the arena


See the Romans

The Vicus is an historical re-enactment society that portrays the Roman invasion of Britain in the 1st century AD, from the initial invasion of Claudius in 43 AD, though the revolt of Boudicca in 60-61 AD to the final battle against Roman rule at Mons Graupius in Scotland in 84 AD. Visit the the Vicus trading post and military camp to learn about including crafts, leather working, wood working, Roman painting, writing, the Roman army and more! Check out the Arena timetable to witness a skirmish between Romans and Britons, gladiatorial combat and to watch projectile weapons displays including pilum, javelin, and archery.

Arena Daily Schedule:

Events are in the Area unless otherwise stated.

10.30am Viking Weapons Display and Skirmish

11.30am Romans and Britons weapons demonstrations

12.00 The Realities of Adventuring (in Viking camp)

12.30pm. Paratroopers Drill and weapons practice

1.30pm Hrothgar’s Saga and Kiddie Vike

2.00 Hnefatafl competition (Saturday only)

2.15 Gladiatorial combat

3.00pm Leading the way: Pathfinders in World War 2

3.30 Main Battle in the Arena (Vikings vs Romans who will win?)