Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

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Open Gaming


There is always a need for space to just sit down, get out a game and get playing.

We anticipate that the peak demands for this will be Friday and Saturday night but have a lot of provision for Open Gaming all weekend.

We even have some space on Thursday night for those early arrivals.

There is more space for open gaming at the UK Games Expo than at any other UK convention and more than most shows worldwide.


At the NEC

Hall 3: The open gaming space in Hall 3 will open between 7pm till 11pm on Thursday night so early arrivals can get in that pre show gaming fix.

It's BYOG: there will be no Board Game Library at this time so please bring your own games.

Friday and Saturday

At the NEC

Hall 3: The main day time open Gaming Space will be in Hall 2, NEC. Here there is capacity for 1250
One of the two Board Game libraries provided by Thirsty Meeples will be in this area and will be open until 11pm.

At the Hilton

From 10am until 2am large amounts of Open Gaming space are available in the Palace Room. Later on (after 6pm) the Kings room becomes availbale. Between them, some 1000+ can sit and game.
The Library Room is where the second Thirsty Meeples Board Game Library will be. this will be open from around 6pm both Friday and Saturday night until 11pm.

At the Ibis Styles

Open Gaming is permitted in the Lounge Bar of the Ibis Styles Hotel.


At the NEC

The main day time open Gaming Space will be in Hall 3, NEC. Here there is capacity for 800+

TheThirsty Meeples Board Game Library will be in this area during Opening hours.

At the Hilton

Open Gaming space is available in the Palace and Kings 10am until 5pm. There is no formal board game library at the Hilton.

The Hilton Lounge Bar is not part of our open gaming space and games will not be permitted in there. Note that this is a decision reached by the hotel and not UKGE.

Board Game Library

To be found in Hall 3 NEC (9.30am till 11pm Fri and Sat and 9.30 till 4pm Sunday or in the Hilton Library (6.00pm till 11pm Fri and Sat evenings).

Introduced in the second year of Expo in 2008 this is always a popular attraction. This year once again it will be run by Thirsty Meeples. They aim to bring along a good selection of Games for use anywhere in the convention open gaming spaces. Just sign out the games and borrow them and then sign them back in when you return them. Simple as that! You will need ID this year.