Friday 3 - Sunday 5 Jun 2022

Open Gaming

Table Spacing

Plans for the hall maps allow for increased spacing between tables to allow people to pass and for safer social distancing while playing.

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More Open Gaming than any other UK convention

There is always a need for space to just sit down, get out a game and get playing. We anticipate that the peak demands for this will be Friday and Saturday night but have a lot of provision for Open Gaming all weekend.

There is more space for open gaming at the UK Games Expo than at any other UK convention and more than most shows worldwide.

The Open Gaming Space will be in Hall 3, NEC.

Some hotels permit gaming in bar areas. Check with the hotel staff for local rules.

Open Gaming Opening Hours:

Thursday: 7pm – 11pm

Friday: 9am – Midnight

Saturday: 9am – Midnight

Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Open Gaming Sponsor's game Toppers

Game Toppers are the sponsors of the Open Gaming Spaces and have provided high quality, neoprene table topper game mats to enhance your Open Gaming experience. These brightly coloured Expo and Game Toppers co-branded mats make it easy to see where the Open Gaming is situated and are a great surface for any table top game.

Find out more about Game Toppers here. Or late pledge for their successful Kickstarter here.

Board Game Library

UK Games Expo will provide a board game library to borrow games out of to play in the Open gaming space.

Board Game Library Opening Hours:

Friday 30th : 9am - 10pm

Saturday 31st : 9am - 10pm

Sunday 1st : 9am - 4pm

Browse the Board Game Library

Explore all the games in our Board Game Library

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