Friday 31 May - Sunday 2 Jun 2024
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Bring & Buy


What is the Bring and Buy?

The Bring and Buy is a second hand market for your old games. You can bring your old games and we will sell them for you, for cash. You pay a small registration fee for each item and 10% of the sale cost that goes to charity. You receive back the other 90% at the show.

Our Bring and Buy is the largest hobby games Bring and Buy at any UK games convention and we believe in the world.

Browse the Bring & Buy

Waiting in the queue? Just want a preview? You can take a look at what has been booked in to the Bring & Buy with our handy preview page.

Opening Hours

  • Open for Booking items in only on Thursday 1st June 19.00 to 23.00
  • Open for Booking items in and sales Friday 2nd June 9.00 to 5pm
  • Open for Booking items in and sales Saturday 3rd June 9.00 to 5pm
  • Open for Booking items in and sales Sunday 4th June 9.00 to 3pm

Closing Hours

Bring and Buy will close for all transactions on Sunday 4th June at 6pm.

Any goods or funds not claimed by 6pm will be donated to the designated charities without exception.

Restrictions and Limitations

  • All transactions are in CASH ONLY
  • No bags or containers are allowed into the Bring and Buy
  • ALL bags left on the floor outside the Bring and Buy will be removed by NEC security

Please leave the bags in the Shop and Drop next to the Bring and Buy or in the NEC cloakrooms which are out side Hall 1,2 and 4 (NEC Charges apply)


Rules of the Bring and Buy

  1. UK Games Expo will take 10% commission on all goods sold on the Bring and Buy rounded up to the nearest 10p
  2. The seller is responsible for registering and collecting all submitted items.
  3. Items can not be withdrawn from sale before 1pm each day.
  4. All goods offered on the Bring and Buy are left at the sellers risk- UK Games Expo and the members operating the Bring and Buy accept no responsibility or liability for any goods stolen, lost or accidentally damaged.
  5. Trading while queuing is prohibited
  6. UKGE retains the right to not accept for sale any items it deems inappropriate. (This includes damaged items or poorly packaged items or old stock from exhibitors or other companies)
  7. For each 10 (or part of) items submitted there is a non refundable £1 booking in fee.
  8. All profit from the Bring and Buy will be donated to charities designated by the UKGE.
  9. We cannot accept £50 notes.

How does it work?

All items to be sold must be entered into your account via your UKGE account.

Bring your items to the bring and buy and book them in as instructed.

Your can keep track of what you have sold via your UKGE account.

Getting paid and collecting unsold Games

  • When collecting you go to the collection point
  • You give your account name or email
  • BnB staff will print out a summary sheet that will show, all items sold and sale price, total sold, commission owed, money owed to account holder, list of unsold items
  • You can now be paid and collect your unsold items presenting the printout at the checkout as proof that you own the items and are removing them from the BnB. The BnB staff will then scan them so they are removed from the system and you can go.

Please note that the last collection from the Bring and Buy is 6pm Sunday 4th June.

If you have not collected your unsold games and money by 6pm you will have agreed to donate the money to our designated charities. The games will be disposed of as UKGE sees fit