Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

Boot camp

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It is still to early to say if this element will be part of UKGE in 2021. Further news will be added after Easter 2021.

This is an intensive, four-hour dive into the development and presentation of your prototypes to publishers and the public, host by Alex Yeager (Steve Jackson Games ex-Mayfair Games). Sell sheets, rules, prototype presentation, and demonstration tips will all be covered, using the participants' own prototypes.


- Must have a prototype ready for play

- Must have a rule sheet submitted for the prototype by 17th May 2021

- Must have a sell sheet submitted for the prototype by 17th May 2021

Participants will be given priority for Playtest Zone slots outside the event time. Only ten slots are available, so apply for a slot quickly! This event runs from on Saturday.

Designers instructions

Applications for Boot Camp and for Publisher-Designer Speed Dating use the same route.

Designers: to apply to be one of the designers at this event you must do the following:

  1. Fill in a form (form will be added after Easter 2021) You can select to be considered for Publisher-Designer Speed Dating or Boot Camp or both.
  2. Submit a sales sheet for your game. (Find out more on creating a sales sheet in our FAQ.)
  3. Submit a brief rules summary.(A single sheet of A4 maximum length. Find out more in our FAQ.)
    These documents should be emailed to Richard. with a subject heading of 'Speed-dating/Boot Camp Documentation'.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on 30th June 2021.