Friday 4 - Sunday 6 Jun 2021

Boot camp


This is an intensive, four-hour dive into the development and presentation of your prototypes to publishers and the public, host by Alex Yeager (Steve Jackson Games ex-Mayfair Games). Sell sheets, rules, prototype presentation, and demonstration tips will all be covered, using the participants' own prototypes.


- Must have a prototype ready for play

- Must have a rule sheet submitted for the prototype by 17th July

- Must have a sell sheet submitted for the prototype by 17th July

Participants will be given priority for Playtest Zone slots outside the event time. Only ten slots are available, so apply for a slot quickly! This event runs from on Saturday.

Designers instructions

Applications for Boot Camp and for Publisher-Designer Speed Dating use the same route.

Designers: to apply to be one of the designers at this event you must do the following:

  1. Fill in this application form. You can select to be considered for Publisher-Designer Speed Dating or Boot Camp or both.
  2. Submit a sales sheet for your game. (Find out more on creating a sales sheet in our FAQ.)
  3. Submit a brief rules summary.(A single sheet of A4 maximum length. Find out more in our FAQ.)
    These documents should be emailed to Richard. with a subject heading of 'Speed-dating/Boot Camp Documentation'.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on 30th June 2020.