Friday 31 May - Sunday 2 Jun 2024
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£1000 Giveaway 2024

£1000 Giveaway will return to UKGE 2024!

UK Games Expo are delighted to announce that we will be giving away £1000 everyday at the show!

Each day we will be placing a series of posters around the halls. All you have to do is take a selfie with these posters and upload your selfie to your Instagram page! Then get a raffle ticket from our help desks in halls 1 and 2 and head the main stage for the 1.30pm draw.

To be in with a change to win, please read below -

  • Enter the halls at UK Games Expo 2024
  • Look for the 2m high posters with the £1000 Giveaway slogan.
  • Take a selfie with you and the poster behind you.
  • Upload your picture to Instagram.
  • Use the hashtags #1000giveaway and #ukgamesexpo.
  • Make sure you are following @ukgamesexpo as well.
  • Post onto your Instagram profile.
  • Raffle tickets can be collected from Hall 2 Help Desk (2-T45) and Hall 1 Help Desk (1-T57) from show open at 9am until 1.25pm.
  • Each day, head to the Main Stage in hall 2 and the draw will happen at 1.30pm.
  • Once participants are in place, we will draw a raffle ticket.
  • Winning raffle ticket holder will come to the main stage to verify their photo and claim their prize.

Prize Detail

Once the winner has been confirmed, they will be assigned their very own personal shopper. Your personal shopper will hold the UK Games Expo credit card. Simply browse the halls and choose what you would like. Once you have your list, you can take your personal shopper to each trader and they will purchase your items.

If the winner is only at UK Games Expo for one day, they would have to spend the prize amount by 6pm on Friday or Saturday and by 4pm Sunday. This will apply for Sunday's prize winner.

If the prize winner is there more than one day then they can spend the total amount over a number of days.

Raffle Tickets

We are using raffle tickets on the main stage to ensure the winner will be present to receive their prize. Verification of Instagram selfie will need to be shown before prize can be awarded.