Friday 31 May - Sunday 2 Jun 2024
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Special Guests

UK Games Expo are delighted to announce a number of special guests for this years show.


Luke Gygax

Luke was literally born into gaming as he is the son of Gary Gygax, the co-founder of Dungeons & Dragons, the first Roleplaying Game ever created. Luke began his creative endeavors at an early age as he was literally raised playing D&D. He designed the Bullywug and played the iconic fighter/magic-user Melf whose eponymously titled Acid Arrow and Minute Meteors are still used in the latest version of D&D. Luke recently retired from the Army after over 30 years, and spends his time creating new material through his publishing company, Gaxx Worx ( His latest products are set in his World of Okkorim fantasy milieu. You can get digital copies at the Gaxx Worx webstore.

Luke is also the founder and head of Gary Con (, a memorial convention in honor of his Dad held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin every March. Lake Geneva is Luke's hometown and it was where his father founded the convention Gen Con, TSR Inc and wrote Dungeons & Dragons. The city is truly the Heart of Tabletop Roleplaying Games. Gary Con grew out of the memorial held after his father's funeral where family and friends gathered to celebrate his life by doing what Gary loved so much; playing games and sharing camaraderie with fellow game enthusiasts. Gary Con has grown and embraces all the talented designers who laid the foundation of our community and welcomes games and gamers of all types from around the world.

When Luke isn’t creating adventures or coordinating Gary Con, he enjoys spending time with his wife Bouchra, their three daughters, Miriam, Amira and Sabrina, and their faithful hound, Grogu.


Sir Ian Livingstone

Sir Ian Livingstone is a pioneering figure in the gaming industry, renowned for co-founding Games Workshop and co-creating the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series.

He has also played a crucial role in the development of iconic video games like "Tomb Raider," and has been a driving force in promoting the UK as a global hub for game development.

His contributions have earned him a knighthood and widespread recognition as a visionary in the field.


No Rolls Barred

No Rolls Barred (NRB), formerly Phenoma-Nerds, is a YouTube channel and group of board game hobbyists, actors, comedians and wrestling fans who come together to play and review board games.

The channel specialises in playing games as a friendship group, rather than offering a detailed, dry explanation. The point is to show the experience of playing a mix of games of all levels of complexity. The tone is accessible, irreverent and often adult-themed, with long-term themes and recurring jokes. There are often wrestling-like rivalries with faces and heels that occur between the many cast members, each of whom have interesting personalities.

So come and join us, and always remember to get on board!

Watch their YouTube channel here.

steve jacksonx

Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson is the founder of Steve Jackson Games (SJ Games), a company renowned for its innovative and influential role-playing and board games. Established in 1980, SJ Games has produced popular titles such as "GURPS" (Generic Universal RolePlaying System), "Munchkin," and "Car Wars." Jackson's contributions to the gaming industry have earned him a reputation as a visionary game designer, known for blending humor and strategy in his creations. His work has significantly impacted the landscape of tabletop gaming, fostering a community of dedicated players and enthusiasts.


Eric Lang

Eric Lang is a celebrated game designer known for his work on popular board games such as "Blood Rage," "Rising Sun," and "Marvel United." With a career spanning over two decades, Lang has become renowned for his innovative mechanics and engaging gameplay. He has held prominent positions in the gaming industry, including Director of Game Design at CMON Limited. Lang's contributions have significantly shaped modern tabletop gaming, earning him a loyal following and numerous accolades.


Alex Yeager

Alex Yeager ( Now COO at Amigo Spiele, ex-Steve Jackson Games ex-Mayfair Games). Alex has over 250 credited playtest or development credits for a wide variety of board game companies, as well as producing and writing for podcasts. Alex also enjoys comics, music and other people’s pets.

Alex will be hosting our Boot Camp this year. Click here for more info.