Friday 2 - Sunday 4 Jun 2023
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Publisher /Designer Resources

UK Games Expo supports fledgling publishers and designers with a variety of talks, masterclasses, seminars and networking at the show. Outside of the show, we aim to encourage collaboration, thought pieces and the sharing of experiences which we will continue to make available here.


Overnight board game success…eight years in the making.

Snakes and Ladders Unleashed Case Study - .pdf


What do you do beyond the idea?

I have this idea for a game.pdf


Accessibility for dyslexic readers.

Dungeons and Dyslexia.pdf


100 years of Gibsons Games.

100 years of Gibsons.pdf


How Apps and Boardgames can work together.

Hybrid Board Games.pdf


How was Great Fire of London Made: a look back 10 years on.

History of Great Fire of London 1666