Friday 31 May - Sunday 2 Jun 2024
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What is the Hoplite Game Studios Shop and Drop?

You know what its like. You buy some games and then have your arms full. What do you do? Haul them around, getting more and more loaded so you look like a pack mule? Or take them back to the hotel or car and miss some of the show?

We have an answer: The Hoplite Game Studios Shop and Drop. You can take your bags of games and for a small charge you can drop them off and they will be placed in your a half metre square box. When you are ready for them you just return with your ticket and collect your stuff. 

£3 gets you the following:

  • All the storage you can fit into a half metre square storage box for the whole day.
  • You can add and remove items during the day.
  • You must remember to collect your goodies before the end of the day as we will not store your stuff overnight.
  • Anything not collected by close of the Trade Hall each day will be auctioned.

Who are Hoplite Game Studios?

Hoplite Game Studios Inc. is a New Jersey based games retailer. They specialise in self-manufacturing tabletop miniatures, which allows them to support a wide range of independent artist studios.

Visit their website here.