Friday 30 May - Sunday 1 Jun 2025
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Games Design Masterclass

James Wallis

The Game Design Masterclass is a crash course in the theory and practice of creating exciting boardgames and card games, led by James Wallis, a professional game-maker with decades of experience. You’ll discover how games function, why people play them, and what makes a good one, then you’ll work in small teams to conceive, design, build, playtest, and refine a complete game that you can take home with you. You’ll also get to test two other new games. This is the masterclass’s first time at UK Games Expo. The Games Design Masterclass normally costs £30 to attend, but the sponsorship support by Panda Game Manufacturing allows UK Games Expo to offer you this at a reduced the cost of £18 for UKGE attendees. The cost includes all game-building materials.

The tickets are available now. Click here to find out more.

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