Friday 3 - Sunday 5 Jun 2022
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Accessing the Show Preview

show preview

The Show Preview is available to Exhibitors, publishers, designers retailers, buyers, media and other Industry professionals. To apply to attend please go to this page.

Once you have applied this is how you gain access:

Exhibitor with a table at the Preview

You will receive an email explaining the details of setting up. But in brief you can attend Hall 3 at 5pm on Thu 29th July to setup your show preview tables.

Other exhibitors wishing to see the preview.

If you are an exhibitor at the 2021 show and have a stand then you will have an exhibitor pass which gives you access to the show preview. PLease attend Hall 3 at 6pm for the preview (will end around 8.30).

Publishers, designers retailers, buyers, media and other Industry professionals

You will have applied for a Show Preview or Press Pass. If approved this will wait for you at the UKGE ticket booths. Just turn up and give your name, explain there is a Show Preview or Press Pass on the system for you and the pass will be found. Please attend the entrance to Hall 3 at 17.45 on THU 29th May for a brefing. You will be taken inside at 18.00.

Please note that applications only apply to the Show Preview and do not give you access to the 3 days of UK Games Expo. For that you need a ticket.