Friday 30 May - Sunday 1 Jun 2025
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Exhibitor Events

Exhibitors may list events that are taking place on their stand at the show. If you log into your exhibitor portal you will see that you have a Manage Events tab. If you use that you can list four types of events:

Tell us what games will be demoed on your stand. You can add images and even links to rules and videos in the description. If you are running demos all day please only list the events once with a start time of say 09.00 and end time of 18.00 each day and tick the 'ad-hoc events' box and the event will show all day. Please don't add events every hour or we all drown under a sea of duplicated events!

Is a designer signing games? Are you doing a give away? Is a painter doing a session on how to paint?


Perhaps you are holding a tournament on the stand? Is there an opportunity to meet a celebrity.

Broadcasting live from the show? Add it as an event.

YOUR LOGO: Don't forget to go into your STAND tab and add a logo to the stand description. That image will show up in your event listing.