Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

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133 FAQs

These are all laid out in the exhibitor terms and conditions document which you can download from the link.

We offer a range of options for Sponsorships, Advertising and Marketing.

You can read all about them and find out the prices in the Exhibitor Guide and in the Online Marketing Guide.

For queries on Seminars, Workshops and Panel type events please contact Millie Lavelle

Exhibitor Terms and Conditions are all laid out in the Terms and conditions pdf.

Your stand comes as space only. This means by default we supply no furniture or fittings as standard. There are no walls around your stand at all, unless your stand is adjacent to an exterior wall of the hall.

In addition to supplying the space for your stand, UKGE will:

  • List you as an exhibitor on exhibitor page with your logo and a link to a site of your choice.
  • List you along with a description in the show programme.

Yes you can. The UK Games Expo is a great sales opportunity. Please ensure products are suitable for a family audience to see and that your displayed items are appropiate for an event at which children are present.

All exhibitors at UK Games Expo will require Trade Passes to enter the Trade Hall – this will allow you to get in Trader Access Hours.

You will receive 1 pass per Exhibitor or Co-Exhibitor plus 1 for every 4sqm of space (rounded up).

Example 1: TRADER “BIG GAMES LTD” booked 8m x 2m of space. He will receive 5 passes.

Example 2: TRADER "SMALL GAMES R US" booked 2m x 2m of space. He will receive 2 passes.

Buying additional Passes.

Additional Trader passes can be purchased by a trader at the cost of £10 for the weekend. Purchase these on arrival when you collect your passes.

The number you can buy is connected to the size of your stand. For each 10sqm (rounded up) that you have booked you can buy 2 passes.

Exhibitor passes are used to gain access to the Trade Halls.

We do not post out Exhibitor passes. These passes will be ready for you on arrival. Please collect them from the UKGE Exhibition Services Stand in Hall 1. 

During Exhibitor setup you will use your special setup access pass, which you will print off from your exhibitor portal.  Ensure everyone attending during setup has a copy. This allows you access during the setup period during which you should collect your exhibitor passes from UKGE Exhibition Services Stand in Hall  1.

You are at liberty to bring any furniture and equipment you like providing they are structurally sound and safe items.

Any items must stand within your exhibition space and may not stray into the aisles or other stands.

Note that some items may require an inspection if they need to be constructed or are above 2.4m hieght. 

You may either hire our value furniture or items from the show contractor. 

The Value Supplier gives you the option of hiring basic tables and chairs for the duration of the show. There is a limited availability of these tables both in size and number. The furniture is ordered through your exhibitor portal under the stands section and will be supplied direct to your stand by UKGE. (Prices exclude VAT.)

• Chair plastic – £4.00 each 
• 6’ x 2’6” Trestle Tables – £7.50 each 
• 5’ x 2’ Trestle Tables – £7.00 each 
• 4’ x 2’ Trestle Tables – £6.50 each 
• 3’ Diameter Tables – £10.00 each 
• 4’ Diameter Tables – £11.00 each

Please order vaue furniture via your exhibitor portal before 30th June 2021.

EESL the show contractor has a full range of furniture for hire and installation on your stand.

Please examine the catalogue of furniture that may be hired and then fill in the order form here...

EESL will supply Shell Systems, Walling, Carpets, Graphics for your stands and special furniture orders. They are

Event Exhibition Services Ltd

Tracy Ferraro Orders Administrator

[email protected]

Tel: +44 (0) 1933 224127

EESL the show contractor has a full range of furniture for hire and installation on your stand.

Please examine the catalogue of furniture that may be hired and then fill in the order form here...

We often get asked about laying out stands - particularly by first time exhibitors.

Often they are a bit at sea or confused by the fact stands are described in square metres and furniture is in ft and inches.

Furniture sizes.

Standard tables sizes in imperial and metric

Imperial Size Metric Size 3ft rounds 0.91m 4ft rounds 1.22m 4ft x 2ft 1.22m x 0.61m 5ft x 2ft 1.52m x 0.61m 6ft x 2ft 6" 1.83m x 0.75m Typical chair 0.5m x 0.5m

These are the standard sizes we can supply. 

How do I get in to my stand?

Regardless of the size of your stand you can only gain entrance to it from open sides.

A row stand only has one opening - from the front.

A corner stand will be open on two sides.

An endcap will be open on three sides.

An island will be open on all four sides.

Do not assume that you can get into your stand via another exhibitor's stand.

So for an example if you put a 6ft table width ways accross a 2m wide stand you have to squeeze in through a 17cm gap or climb under the table!

Get out the Graph Paper.

The best way to map out your stand is to get out a sheet of graph paper and plan it out.

Make 1square 1mx1m and start drawing in furniture.


You do not have to take shell system or walling for the stand. You can just have a tabletop stand. However, if you wish to consider a Shell system or Walling solution you can either bring your own stand or use our show contractor EESL.

Please note that you may wish to contact surrounding stands and co-operate on booking walling. If one exhibitor approaches EESL and books walling for a number of stands that is often cheaper than everyone booking their own.

This is the order form for shell scheme and walling

Yes you can. The show contractor supplies this.

This is the colour range for cord carpets.

This is the colour range for velour carpets.

This is the order form for ordering carpets from EESL.

EESL, the show contractor can do this for you.

Here is their order form.

The show contractor will supply these options. Here is the order form:

Want to build something special? You can either engage your own contractor/ build it yourself or use our Show Contractor.

Be aware that you may need a stand inspection, which is chargeable to you, if you are building a stand using a constructed stand where components are bolted/ screwed together.

Periscope Live

01327 304055

The Old Boatyard

South March



NN11 4PH


Jack Penn

If you would you want any sort of banner that will be suspended from the ceiling the following must be done:-

  1. PERMISSION - ALL banners must be cleared by UKGE for, position,size and content. ALL banners must pay flying fee of £400.00 +VAT. If you order a banner directly with the NEC you MUST get permission from UKGE otherwise the banner will not be erected.
  2. PRODUCTION - All banners must meet the NEC rigging requirements (pdf can be found in your exhibitor portal). You may source your own banner, use the NEC’s graphics production team ([email protected] or if we have your banner, re use a previous banner. UKGE no longer offer the production service as we could not compete on price.
  3. RIGGING - The NEC charges a rigging cost for hanging your banner. This cost varies depending on the construction of your banner or other hanging construction. The NEC rigging pdf will help you calculate the cost or you can contact UKGE through your portal for further help. Note: If you are using the NEC Graphics team they will often calculate the rigging cost for you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE UK GAMES EXPO FLYING FEE Please remember that if you bring your own banner or order one from the NEC Commercial Graphics team you will also need to pay UK Games Expo a £400+vat Flying fee.

BESPOKE RIGGING If you require rigging advice or quote you can contact the NEC Rigging Department. Daniel Smith tel: +44 (0)121 780 4141(reception) email: [email protected]

BANNER REMOVAL After the show banners are removed by the NEC. Any banners on hoists will be lowered for removal during derig. PVC banners will be recovered up to 10 days after the show and exhibitors can collect them or UKGE will store them for a fee.

BANNER STORAGE UKGE will collect your PVC banner and store it and return it to the NEC for the following year’s show for £100 + VAT. If you want to use the banner during the year you may collect it from the UKGE warehouse at your own cost.

This is available from the NEC. Find the details in the NEC products pdf.