Friday 31 May - Sunday 2 Jun 2024
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All exhibitors at UK Games Expo will require Trade Passes to enter the Trade Hall – this will allow you to get in Trader Access Hours.

You will receive 1 pass per Exhibitor or Co-Exhibitor plus 1 for every 4sqm of space (rounded up).

Example 1: TRADER “BIG GAMES LTD” booked 8m x 2m of space will receive 5 passes.

Example 2: TRADER "SMALL GAMES R US" booked 2m x 2m of space will receive 2 passes.

Buying additional Passes.

Additional Trader passes can be purchased by a trader at the cost of £10 for the weekend. Purchase these on arrival when you collect your passes.

The number you can buy is connected to the size of your stand.

For stands of up to 50sqm Size:

For each 10sqm (rounded up) that you have booked you can buy 2 passes.

For stands of 51 to 100sqm Size:

You can buy 15 passes.

For stands over 100sqm

You can buy 20 passes