Friday 31 May - Sunday 2 Jun 2024
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Your exhibitor portal allows you to:

  • See what orders you have placed for stands, furniture, power, sponsorship, marketing and advertising.
  • You can check what payments you have made and how much is still outstanding.
  • You can request furniture and power.
  • You can check out your stand number, stand dimensions and add or edit a stand description from the stands tab.
  • You can add Exhibitor events and New Games.
  • You can change your logo.
  • You can submit entries to the awards.
  • You can download your access pass if invoices are paid and it is 2 weeks from the show.

To access the portal go here.

This will not work if you

1.Are not yet linked to the portal

2. Do not have a stand for the upcoming show

In order to use the Exhibitor portal you must have an UK Games Expo login with us. If you have one from before this should still work. You can always reset the password if you have forgotten it. In addition you musty have a stand setup for the upcoming show. This will happen when we book you in.

I am a new exhibitor

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before you can setup a portal you have to book a stand with us. Please first email us to book a stand before proceeding.

Once you have a stand you will receive an invitation with instructions on what to do next.