Friday 3 - Sunday 5 Jun 2022
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We’re bringing the entire GamesQuest Family to UKGE 2021

25 July, 2021

GamesQuest is for players.

GamesQuest is for players. We’ll be running demonstrations of brand-new titles from some of our favourite publishers all weekend including: Steve Jackson Games, Modiphius, Wise Wizard Games, and Megacorpin Games, plus demonstrations of Growl from Vigour Games and PetEvil.

We’re also bringing our retail stand, stocked with the latest games and all-time classics.

Ask one of our knowledgeable team to help find your perfect game.


ShipQuest is for creators

ShipQuest is for creators. ShipQuest will be on hand to offer their expert advice and targeted industry knowledge, so you can create the best campaign possible and maximise your backers.

Our CEO Nigel Matthews is also running a one-hour seminar on all things Kickstarter fulfilment at 4pm Friday 30th in the Cartamundi Theatre, just outside Hall 2.


TradeQuest is for what’s next

TradeQuest is for what’s next. Maybe you’re a publisher or designer looking to expand your reach with a new distribution partner? Or maybe you’re a retailer looking for new titles for your outlets? TradeQuest will be there to discuss your options and present solutions.

Whether you’ve designed a ground-breaking board game and are looking for advice on your next steps, a publisher looking to widen your distribution, or you’re a super fan looking to pick up a collector’s edition, look for the big Q and we’ll have you covered.