Friday 31 May - Sunday 2 Jun 2024
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UK Games Expo Awards 2024

The UK Games Expo awards recognise the best games in an array of categories. The Judges Choice Awards are chosen by expert judges and the People's Choice Awards are chosen by the show's visitors.

Judges Choice Awards


The Judges Choice Awards are chosen by a number of external expert judges. All games submitted into the awards are categorised and then sent to the various judges.

A top three from each category are chosen. Judges Choice Awards results will be announced via our social media channels on 7th May. The ceremony will take place at 5.00pm in the Toute Suite before the Show Preview. We will be announcing a special guest, who will be handing out the awards.

People's Choice Awards


The People's Choice Awards will be voted by the public at UK Games Expo 2024. To vote, you can either vote using your expo account or you can vote in hall 3 using our handy interactive screens in the awards space.

The ceremony for the awards takes place at 3pm on Sunday 2nd June on the Main Stage (2-676) in hall 2. We will have a number of special guests helping us hand out the awards.

Awards Categories

  • Best Abstract Game
  • Best Accessory
  • Best American Style Board Game
  • Best Strategic Board Game
  • Best Card Game (General)
  • Best Card Game (Strategic)
  • Best Dice Game
  • Best Expansion
  • Best Family Games
  • Best Miniatures Range
  • Best Miniatures Rules
  • Best Party Game
  • Best Roleplaying Adventure
  • Best Roleplaying Expansion
  • Best Variant
  • Best European Style Board Game
  • Best Children's Game
  • Best Roleplaying Game
  • Best Gaming Novelty

More about the UKGE Awards rules see here.