Friday 2 - Sunday 4 Jun 2023
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Band of Brothers - Charity Game

This is a large scale wargame of part of the1944 D-Day invasion where US paratroopers were dropped ahead of the seaborne invasion. Using 28mm figures from Warlord, Bolt Action rules and sculpted terrain you can refight the sort of action seen in the TV series, Band of Brothers. Just go to stand 2-774 and signup for a game. Sessions will start regularly through the weekend. There are no fees but the event is raising funds for charity so consider giving a donation.


Duncan Wasdell has combined the hobby of his youth and his passion for sharing history with a desire to help raise funds for charity. Having commissioned an enormous 16ftx4ft wargaming table from a professional terrain-maker and well-known Youtuber, he plans to make the table available at this years show.

Duncan has decided to do this on behalf on the National Kidney Federation, as a way of raising both money and awareness for what they do.

The Charity run by kidney patients for kidney patients, the charity supports two million people with Chronic Kidney Disease and 60,000 patients who have end stage kidney failure. The charity also supports Dialysis and Transplanted patients and their carers. The NKF offers a National Kidney Patients Helpline 0800 169 0936 offering medical information leaflets, help and advice - with trained staff answering around 200 calls a week.

As a kidney patient awaiting a transplant myself, he knows first-hand how much good work the NKF does. 

To visit the Just Giving page click here.