Friday 4 - Sunday 6 Jun 2021

Welcome to Mistwall.

24 August, 2020
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Mistwall stems from a deep passion for board games.

Its cutting-edge technology together with state-of-the-art design provide gamers with an unprecedented immersive experience which will take you to the next level of table top gaming.

Play, fight and feel every defeat, every victory, as you never did before, because Mistwall is here to stay.

Introducing our first game "Endarth: Covenant" to be played with our nextgen phygital platform, DYBO.

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The full power of Dybo allows Endarth: Covenant to evolve from an advanced Dungeon Crawler to an authentic playable experience.
What we like are tabletops, and that is what we have achieved with "Endarth: Covenant". You get to enjoy the sensation of touching the miniatures, playing cards and feeling the tokens in your hands.

But it goes further than that. Introducing us to a much more immersive and savage world, where each of your actions comes to life magnificently. Update online and advance to possibilities like you’ve never seen before.

Concentrate purely on playing, not the set up of your board.

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Endarth: Covenant is an adventure tabletop game, set in a dangerous world, inhabited by humans together with other medieval fantasy creatures.

This experience, heavy loaded with a role-playing flavour, can be played cooperative or solo, as it does not require a game director, due to its advanced AI.

At Mistwall we are aiming for a living, enjoyable experience with a story to move the player's heart, a complete experience that puts you into the game.

Welcome to Mistwall.

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