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Want to play a knight or a Mage or anything Medieval?

20 August, 2020
Brit Game Designs

Brittannia Game Designs Ltd are really pleased to be supporting a “local” show, especially this year as we bring back Chivalry and Sorcery, the most complete Medieval role playing game.

What is Chivalry and Sorcery?

The chance to play as one of the Knights of yore, or a mystical caster of magicks in a researched historical and diverse medieval setting.

Forget the myth of “Hollywood history” that the period had a supposed lack of diversity.

Discover the story of the likes of the 300 black women archers that took part of the Muslim reconquest of Valencia (detailed in the 13th-century Spanish Prima Cronica Genera).

Or the Frankish women fighting alongside men during the Crusades (as recorded by Arab chroniclers such as Ibn al-Athir and Imad al-Din).

Orderic Vitalis praised the 11th century Norman noblewoman Isobel of Conches for riding into battle alongside her men

Acknowledging the richness and diversity of the Middle Ages leads to richer, more diverse games.

Brit Game Designs

Over 40 years of gaming in its past, this latest edition of Chivalry & Sorcery is its most complete, and most accessible edition.

See us on stand V-41423 for some amazing offers, if you head to our drivethrurpg page using the offers you can get everything you need to get started for $50 / £40 in PDF format.

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