Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

Tickets will be on sale after Easter 2021.

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Virtual Gamehole Con is nearly here!

22 October, 2020
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Virtual Gamehole Con is nearly here!

Our event runs November 5th-8th and we have nearly 1,000 amazing games for you to choose from! We’re sorry that we can’t all gather together in person this year, but we are thrilled that we can offer this virtual con for everyone that should be a lot of fun and raise some money for charity!

Registration for games is available now and all of the games are free. All you need to register for games is a badge, which costs only $5. But the best part of that is 100% of those badges sales will go to the excellent Extra Life charity. Yes. We keep nothing. Every penny we raise through badge sales will be immediately donated to Extra Life.

To buy a badge you just need to go to and click the attend link.

Create an account and click “Buy a badge” and then you’ll be able to register for any of the hundreds of available games in our system.

We have board games, miniatures games, RPGs, D&D Adventurers League, seminars and more!

So buy a badge today and take a look at our expansive games list, find something fun to play and join us November 5th-8th for some great virtual gaming!