Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

Towns & Taverns just launched by Loke Battle Mats.

8 February, 2021
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Fantasy Battle Maps for Towns & Taverns

New Books of Fantasy Battle Maps for Towns & Taverns just launched by Loke Battle Mats!

Save hours drawing maps before and mid game, just open & roll!

This fully modular map book set lines up in multiple ways to allow you to create hundreds of different epic map combinations!

Creating huge map areas which lay dead flat and are wipe clean all in map books which fit in your bag or on your shelf.

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Lay flat and wipe clean, Towns & Taverns are the only fantasy urban maps you’ll need!

Available now from your local gaming store, favourite online retailer or – the home of Tabletop Roleplaying Map books.

Also available now is the Companion Little Book of Battle Mats – Towns & Taverns Edition.

The Little book is ideal for random encounters and linking map areas together.

Or just for popping down a suspicious cellar room just where you need it!

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Finally Loke have released 3 new sets of reusable stickers to customise your map books in moments – Town Trimmings, Magic Effects and War & Siege.

These durable static clings can be reused and allow Dungeon Masters to add features to map areas in seconds, creating shops, villages and battlefields with detailed artwork.

All available from your local hobby store, favourite online retailer or