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Time for a new strategy game - Welcome to Prometheus

7 August, 2020
Prometheus concept

Time for a new strategy game - Welcome to Prometheus

A new strategy game is being introduced at this year’s virtual UK Games Expo to promote wellbeing and social activity time for people of all ages in uncertain times which is dynamic and easy to play.

The game, called Prometheus, has received lots of comments on Twitter and Instagram and appeals to all age groups from seven years old upwards. A set of Prometheus now takes pride of place at 10 Downing Street and the Team at Prometheus Concept have received the following feedback from Dyson Engineering:

“Prometheus is an innovative new strategy game that will bring lots of enjoyment for families and friends around the world. It has been designed and manufactured to a world class standard; the play pieces made of zinc-alloy combined with an acrylic concave-convex play surface makes this a wonderful centrepiece for any home or office-setting.”

Michael Nicolaus-Heuser, Senior Design Manager, Dyson

Prometheus concept

Prometheus is protected by Abel and Imray Patent Attorneys who were first to protect Monopoly many years ago.

Prometheus is easy to learn and fun to play. No two games are the same each game usually lasts around 15 to 20 minutes making it quicker and less intense for many than playing chess.

The game was invented by former teacher Christopher Curtis who lives in Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire.

Bella (year 12) said “Prometheus is an amazing new game that has more complexity to it than draughts and is also more playable than chess. It is easy to learn and tactically intense”

Aaron (year 13) said “Prometheus is a fantastic game! It sharpens your mind and really makes you think! It’s also exceptionally well made. The evolving strategy is exciting with seemingly endless possibilities for problem solving and risk taking. We love it!

In colour

The inventor has been delighted to see Prometheus bringing people together and away from their smart phone technologies which has improved friendship groups and general well-being amongst many pupils and students in the independent sector who arrive from many different countries around the world.

Prometheus generated lots of interest at the Bath Board Games Day at Komedia in 2019 which attracted hundreds of board game players.

Prometheus concept

The play pieces beautifully made in gold and black zinc-alloy move around a concave-convex acrylic play surface according to the number of corners on each piece.

Cube pieces move up to eight places, square based pyramids move up to five places and tetrahedron pieces move up to four pieces with the object of the game to land on the other players’ sphere.

There has been a revived interest for the traditional board game in recent years at established retail outlets to reflect the change in our society and a desperate need to move away from our reliance on our phones to help bring people together.

Prometheus is gaining more and more success and can meet the following needs:

  • Improves Well Being and Social Activity for all ages
  • Sparks creativity
  • Promote brain growth
  • Increases problem solving skills
  • Teaches planning and forethought

The cost of the De Luxe Prometheus is £245.83 plus VAT with £14.95 to cover post and packaging.

A standard box version is now available for £204.17 plus VAT.

A mainstream version of Prometheus made using recycled plastic will be ready in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

To view a short film about how Prometheus is played, please visit and click on ‘Action’. For further information, please call Christopher Curtis on 07841 840501.