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Tabletop Scotland New Dates Announced

25 March, 2020

TableTop Scotland have new dates for 2020. Please spread the word.

"Thank you for your patience over the last few days after we announced the postponement of Tabletop Scotland 2020.

We have had some amazing offers of support which has been fantastic to see.

But enough of the thanks, let’s get onto the news you’re all waiting on.

We are delighted to confirm that Tabletop Scotland 2020 will be happening on the 10th & 11th of October at the Dewars Centre in Perth.

The move to later in the year comes with a few challenges which are explained below but we know, that with your support, we can make this year’s event a huge success.

  • We will have less floor space to work with.
    Specifically, the Strathmore Hall will be an ice rink in October and so we will be reverting to the space available in 2018
  • As a result of the above, it may not be possible for us to host some events we had planned.
    We haven’t finalised the list yet, so if you have booked your ticket based on the timing of a specific event please let us know so that we can factor that into our planning.
  • Also, we may have to control ticket sales to ensure that your Tabletop Scotland experience is a comfortable one.

We have spoken to our exhibitors, partners and a few others ahead of making this announcement and we know that we can bring you the event you deserve.

Tabletop Scotland 2020 anticipated questions:

I’ve already bought my ticket. Do I need to do anything?
No. All tickets already bought will be applicable to the new dates.

Are tickets and t-shirts still on sale now?
Yes, these continue to be on sale on our website.

I can’t attend on the new dates. How do I get a refund?
We are sorry to hear that.
To organise your refund please email us at [email protected] with the Order Number. Please use the email address you used to get your ticket as this will make it easier for us to confirm. We will aim to complete this within 48 hours.
Please note that refunds can only be offered up to Friday the 2nd of October 2020.

Will you still be hosting <event name>?
Currently we cannot confirm which events will definitely run. Some are organised by third parties who may not be able to attend the new dates. We’re aiming to confirm any changes in the next couple of weeks.

When will event bookings go live?
We’re working through that just now. We expect this to be late July or early August depending on submissions and any decisions we’ve made about the space we have available.

When will exhibitors be announced?
As mentioned above we have been speaking to our exhibitors in the last few days and we hope to start confirming them soon.

Will you still have a Bring & Buy?
Yes. As well as being incredibly popular with you, the Bring & Buy is a key part of our fundraising for Perth Autism Support.

What do you mean when you say that you may have to control ticket sales?
The space we have available for 2020 won't accommodate our 2019 attendance.
As a result of this we may have to cap online sales at a specific level and may have to make the convention a “ticket only” event.
By that we mean that it may not be possible to buy tickets on the door.
We have a fairly good idea of what that number is but we need to discuss this with our venue and others to ensure that we are acting responsibly.

How can I support Tabletop Scotland 2020?

Don’t see your question above? Let us know either by email to [email protected] or via our social media channels."