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Rupture is a classic fantasy style TTRPG.

22 September, 2021
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Rupture is a classic fantasy style TTRPG with a fresh and unique take on the genre. Focusing on story over rules, it’s designed to be simple enough so players can easily pick it up, become familiar with the mechanics while being encouraged and guided to tell compelling stories.

Rupture RPG Kickstarter

An event now known as “The Great Rupture” shook the land of Toral over 300 years ago. Since then, magic has been flowing through everything, changing the landscape and allowing all living things to have access to its power.

Rupture RPG Kickstarter

The game uses a d12 as its focus, and skill checks as the primary approach to everything. Whether engaging in combat, casting spells or flying an airship, the descriptions and skill checks have you easily identify if your action was successful, reducing rules to promote better storytelling.

Rupture RPG Kickstarter

Magic for all

Rupture also uses a “magic for all” approach that allows spellcasters to shape magic differently like creating effects, binding themselves to magic items or creating custom magic items specific to the player’s character.

Rupture launches their Kickstarter this Autumn with some great early bird rewards, so, visit our Coming Soon page to get notified when the campaign goes live!

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