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Picadice: The fun family board game where looting is expected!

29 July, 2020
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Picadice new to Expo and new as Associate Sponsors

UKGE is very pleased to welcome Picadice, new to Expo and new in as associate sponsors. We caught up with them about what they are bringing to Virtually Expo:

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Picadice: The fun family board game where looting is expected!

Picadice announces a new family board game with its international launch at the UK Games Expo on 21 August 2020

Capture the Pica Bird

The Pica Bird is commonly known as a Magpie and they are notorious for stealing small objects.

The aim of Picadice is to capture the Pica Bird by filling your grid with counters. Watch out - before the Pica Bird is caught he will do a lot of looting.

Sometimes the Pica Bird works in your favour so he is not always the enemy. Keep an eye on the other players’ grids to reclaim stolen property when you get a chance.

Playing Picadice

Picadice is a board game for 2-4 players (age 8+). A game takes between 15 to 40 minutes to play, depending on the number of players.

When played with three players, allies are quickly found and betrayed in every game. A four player game is often played as a doubles game with two teams of two players that forge alliances in advance.

Match play adds to the competitive nature of Picadice and is played over a number of rounds. The first player or team to score 5 points wins the match and up to 4 points can be won in a single round.

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Fun for active minds of all ages

With a simple set of rules, the winning strategy requires a combination of tactics, reasoning and luck.

A good player will not always win against a weaker player in a single game, due to the luck element of the game. However, the better player will win more games in the long run. It is this combination that makes Picadice so appealing for everyone.

On each turn, the player is trying to advance their position and their chances of winning while this has to be weighed against the player’s capacity to reduce the opponents chances of winning. Probability of future dice rolls also needs to be considered and is essential to successful game play. This complex area underpins the game but it is disguised in an entertaining package that is fun to play for all ages.


The theme of Picadice is recognised across the world and our design team has created a cheeky charming character that endears people to the game. The Picabird used on the game and across all merchandising and digital media.

Digital Editions

Platforms include Browser, Xbox, Smart TV, Nintendo, Playstation and dedicated Android / iOS apps. These enable players to play picadice anytime, anywhere. Picadice digital (Beta) is available now on our Game servers at:

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