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20 July, 2021
Blokk Games

Architects Assemble!

In Blokk! you are the Architect and have been assigned to build the perfect cube. Use the game ś unique coloured blocks and place them on the easy to reach 360° stand. Blokk! has 3 different game modes, Freestyle, Dice Blokk! and Card Blokk! Architects can decide if they want to play solo, co-op, or challenge their opponents in a Blokk! Off!.

But beware: Any imperfections will count against you.

Family fun! A game of Blokk is 15 – 20 minutes, ages 5+ for 1 – 4 players.

Blokk Games

Blokk! is perfect for dexterity board game lovers. It has a high replay value with one 6 sided multi coloured dice, 36 unique coloured blocks, and a deck of cards.

Players are given a score sheet to track their building progress.

Complete additional challenges to reveal mystery blocks.

Challenge your logic and spatial awareness and easily adjust the game ś difficulty.

Whats in the Blokk! box?

Blokk games

What do our Reviewers say?

Blokk Games

Do you have what it takes to be an Architect? And do you dare to be square?

Blokk! launches on Kickstarter October.

Blokk games

About us:

The Blokk! project began in the heart of Covid -19 lockdown last year May. Frustrated with the situation, we began using our time and effort on something creative and began conceptualising our very first board game. Kim-Erik, the creator, is a Norwegian Electrician by day and game developer by night. Carmen, the co-ordinator, is his wife recently moved to Norway from South Africa and they make up the Blokk! team.

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