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LANDER – Play Before You Pledge Campaign.

23 January, 2020

LANDER – Play Before You Pledge Campaign

Ever wanted to play a game before you backed it on Kickstarter?

Well now with LANDER you can!

Intrepid Games has sent copies of their prototype to board game venues around the world so that you can ‘#PlayBeforeYouPledge’ before their official Kickstarter launch on 3rd March 2020.

Check if your local board game venue has received a copy on their website here.

A How to Play video made by Becca Scott and the team at Geek & Sundry can be seen here: How to Play.

A full playthrough video can be seen here: Full Play Through.

LANDER is a competitive, 2-4 player, resource management strategy game, where you assume the role of a corporation, sent to colonise Kaimas-2. Players start out modestly, with 2 crew members, 3 claimed sectors and some equipment allocated from the colony.

Colonisation occurs over a series of rounds (years). Each year, your sectors generate Energy, Food and Titanium.

To increase your resource base, you can Expand into new sectors or Upgrade ones you’ve previously claimed.

With more resources at your disposal, you’re able to acquire new crew members from stasis, add new classes and traits and unlock new leadership abilities.

As you develop your crew with training and items, you will be able to play Action cards which can boost your corporation, sabotage your rivals, or prevent the actions of other corporations.

The objective is to earn the most Mission stars.

To qualify for a mission, you must meet the criteria on the card and pay the required resources to earn the stars. Bonus mission stars can be earned by achieving Accolades, where achieving them (or not) might be the difference you’ll need to best your rivals!

Check if your local board game venue has received a copy now: games shops with LANDER.