Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

It's alive!

27 November, 2019

While we launched on Thursday 27th November, lots of the planned features of the new website will become live over the next 6 months.

For example, this Sunday 1st December we will set the ticketing live to buy entry tickets for UKGE 2020. Event submissions and volunteer applications will go live mid December.

For exhibitors your portal is available from launch. However, UKGE Awards submissions and 'New @ Expo' games submissions will go live mid December with other features such as power and furniture being set live in the New Year.

Going forward, we have investment put aside to continually improve and add new features to the website.

New features include a new, modern, secure payment system using Stripe as well as listings of and an interactive map for Games Clubs, Games Clubs and Caf├ęs and Conventions.

The biggest change will be at the show itself. The reason for producing a mobile first website was as the first step in replacing the UKGE App with a Progressive Web App (PWA).

This will allow us to give you such features as interactive hall maps, live query and view of the Bring & Buy, searchable exhibitor listings, access to all of your orders and tickets, all available on your mobile device, even when there's no wifi or mobile signal.

We have done our best to replace the 13 years of code and website development with a brand new, fully responsive website fit for today's Expo attendees.

We do expect that there may be some teething problems and we have allocated resources to deal with these if and when they appear.

We hope you enjoy this first look at our new site and rest assured that we will be adding features and improvements for as long as there is a UK Games Expo!