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15 July, 2021
Blue Donut Games

Horror in the Library

This month sees the release of the pre-launch edition of Blue Donut Games’ Horror in the Library.

A tile-based card collecting game.

The game is designed for 2-4 players in the core edition and can be expanded up to a 6-player game with the expansion pack which is to be part of the forthcoming Kickstarter campaign later in the Autumn.

The game is designed by Marcus Pullen who developed Line, Immortal Paths and Devices with Adam Cart-Groves a video games developer at Team 17.

Horror in the Library has been developed to be accessible to families and as an introduction to strategy and play mechanics used by more complex games.

Blue Donut Games

Escape the Mad Professor's Library

The game uses a set of 16 square tiles that represent the rooms of the mad professor’s library. He has invited you to his Victorian mansion for dinner.

At the evening he tells you all that you are about to be trapped in his library and that the only way to escape is by searching through the bookcases to find hidden items he has tasked you to retrieve.

These will then unlock his study and you route to freedom. However, he has unleashed a portal to another realm and as you search for things, you impart your energy which builds up into the rooms.

Too much energy in one room will bring forth the horrors that lurk in the shadows to torment you forever unless you find a way to escape.

The unique twist to this game is that players can rotate the rooms to try to thwart their opponents’ plans and make their own escape easier.

Blue Donut Games

The Kickstarter campaign is planned for the Autumn.

Those who wish to show their early support or want to just get on and get a signed copy of the game with a unique comic book drawing for them can go to

For more information visit

We’re also in the UKGE's Family Zone on Stand 2-672 with our team and you can talk to our designers and try our other games.

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