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Great games presented by Jolly Thinkers at UKGE2023

29 May, 2023

Dear UKGE fans

Looking for a social deduction games that are both hilarious and fast-paced?

Then you'll love our newest game Cheese Thief!

Will you rather be one of the sleepyhead mice dreaming about delicious cheese,

or the thief mouse trying to steal it away?

Check it out at our Stand 2-516!

  • No moderator, no player elimination, and no set up
  • Perfect for 4-8 players
  • Easy to learn and quick to play!

What’s more there for you:

The award-winning card game - Spicy

And some other cool games that you might have missed –

- For mystery fans: Deception: Murder in Hong Kong series

- For children: Moo’s Code, Bye Bye Black Sheep, Pick-a-Pig series

- For card game fans: Sweet & Spicy, Tails on Fire, Hungry Monkey, Fish & Katz

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