Friday 2 - Sunday 4 Jun 2023
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GMD Online are excited to be exhibiting at their first UK Games Expo!

16 July, 2021
GMD Online

Into Role-Playing Games?

We will be demoing the CORE RPG throughout the show so why not storm the pirates base in our Angelica Star sci-fi demo game. 

Also, check out our Latest Release for the CORE RPG , the Vehicles & Mount’s Guide.

Treat yourself to some amazing support accessories.

Check out our up and coming miniatures range. 

Take advantage of our bonus XP Membership Expo package!

GMD Online

GMD Online are games designers and publishers who are dedicated to producing bespoke products that are:

  • Quality Assured
  • Quick to Learn
  • Exciting to Play!

So that you can become the Hero You were born to be!

Got an adventure and looking for a system to write for? Want Games Master advice? Want to learn more about CORE? Come talk to us. 

GMD Online

Into Comics?

We will have Issue #1 of the StarGuard available, and why not discuss how to star as a hero within the pages of our up and coming graphic novels!

Into Collectable Cards?

Why not treat yourself to our Collectible Character range of beautifully illustrated Postcard sized character cards?

GMD Online

Find out more:

Check out our website here.

Join our Discord community here.

Get a demo and check out our latest releases on Stand 2-453.