Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

Face the Music!

13 May, 2021

Face the Music!

What song would you play whilst sipping a cocktail on a beach?

Or riding with your friends on a road trip?

This is Face the Music!

The music-based party game that will have you dancing to your favourite tracks, remembering why you fell in love with them and challenging your inner DJ.

Music is universal and such a massive part of all our lives.

As two lifelong friends, sharing music has created so many memories from our shared past.

Our intention with this game is to tap into the stories, memories and emotions that you first felt hearing your favourite songs.

We ask questions like “what track defines your teenage years?” challenging you to find that special song.

We came up with the idea for Face the Music in the first lockdown spending our weekends with a couple of beers and asking ourselves the questions that would eventually make up the foundations of the game.

By creating some rules and wild cards we were able to bring the game to life.

Our goal is creating a Face the Music community that can share their favourite questions and songs.

We have all played this game in some capacity and want to connect everyone that has enjoyed doing so.

Join in and get sharing!

Face the Music is now launched on Kickstarter.

If this is a game, you can see yourself playing visit our page for more information and help by pledging to the campaign.

Please support our dream of sharing Face the Music with the world.