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Exhibitor spotlight: Medusa Games and Prometheus

9 July, 2021
Medusa Games
Medusa Games

Medusa Games: Stand 2-501

Medusa Games will be demoing Great Fire 2 Player Expansion (the first time that the final product has been on demo and on sale at a physical show). Now just 2 of you must save London or watch it burn.

We are also playtesting and demoing Nineworlds: Creatures and Monsters, the expansion to Nineworlds that is scheduled for release at UKGE in 2022.

In addition, UKGE 2021 is the first chance at any show to playtest our worker placement euro game, Oranges and Lemons which is in development.

Tinker Tailor and Magnificent Flying Machines will also be available to play.

Find Medusa Games at stand 2-501 or visit their website.

prometheus concept
prometheus concept
prometheus concept

Prometheus: Stand 2-820

Prometheus is an innovative new strategy game that is fun to play and easy to learn. Manufactured by Cartamundi, Ireland alongside Monopoly, the mainstream version will be introduced at the U.K. Games EXPO on 30th July, 2021. Prometheus has featured in the Sunday Times Magazine and the London Chelsea Magazine.

The game is dynamic and fast moving with play pieces moving on a beautiful play surface based on the number of corners on each play piece; for many, Prometheus is more fun than chess and each game lasts around 10 to 20 minutes. There has already been lots of interest from schools in the west-country who have set up Prometheus Clubs alongside chess clubs as we begin to slowly recover from the global pandemic. Prometheus promotes pro-social skills and problem solving skills and no two games are the same - players do not feel crushed when they lose a game!

For more information and a short movie illustrating Prometheus, please visit

Prometheus is also available under 'gifts' at

The retail price of Prometheus is £34.95.

Visit us on stand 2-820 or at