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Exhibitor Spotlight - Inside Up Games

28 May, 2023

Diversify a Tableau of Flora and Fauna in Earth


In Earth, players build a self-sustaining engine and gain resources to fuel the expansion of their island, represented by a 4x4 tableau. With over 360 unique cards, players will discover new symbiotic relationships and card combinations in every game.

These cards each grant different starting resources, abilities, and end-game scoring objectives that offer over 25,600 different starting configurations - mimicking the diversity found in nature.

Earth was recently awarded The Dice Tower Seal of Excellence, and has received incredible reviews from gamers around the globe! Available for demo and purchase at this year’s UKGE event.

Excavate 3D Blocks and Score Points from a 2D Perspective!

The Inside Up Games booth will also be showcasing Block and Key, a puzzly polyomino game perfect for families or anyone that enjoys pattern building.


Construct the ruins of a long-forgotten temple from the box itself, and strategically place 3D blocks to match 2D patterns from your unique perspective!


See You at Booth 2-532!

We’re thrilled to be part of UKGE 2023, and looking forward to seeing you at booth 2-532. In addition to Block and Key, we’ll have other popular titles such as Summit available during the event.

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Can’t wait to see you there!