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Exhibitor Spotlight - Chaosium Inc

30 May, 2023

Basic Roleplaying (“BRP”), is the game engine that powers Chaosium’s most popular games including Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest. For 40 years the BRP system has been lauded for intuitive and easy-to-understand “roll low” mechanics, which makes games designed with BRP accessible and quick to learn. BRP games keep the focus on roleplaying, and exploring the setting that the game master has prepared.


This release serves as an update to the core BRP system. Under the new Open RPG Creative License (ORC), game creators are free to use the BRP rules engine to develop their own games, royalty-free and without further permission from Chaosium.

"Chaosium was one of the first game companies to sign on to the Open RPG Creative License initiative being spearheaded by our friends at Paizo,” said Chaosium COO Neil Robinson. “We're pleased to have our core rules system released under the ORC as an example of an open RPG license that anyone can use.”

Basic Roleplaying: The Universal Game Engine contains all the core rules for character creation and advancement, deadly and tactical combat, magic, psychic powers, mutations, superpowers, weapons, equipment, and vehicles applicable to any setting and genre.

Players can use this book to create a seamless roleplaying experience using an existing setting, or one of their own design.

Being among the very first co-signers of the Open RPG Creative License (ORC), Chaosium has designed and updated BRP to cater specifically to those looking to create their own games powered by this system.

Basic Roleplaying: The Universal Game Engine will be released in PDF April 7th, and will be available directly from .