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Exhibitor Spotlight: Backspindle Games

23 May, 2022

Wrestling, tag-team matches, high-fives, smack-talk, sometimes the quietest shy person suddenly takes on the mantle of a professional wrestler … and all through playing a board game! That was Luchador Mexican Wrestling Dice a few years ago.

Now Backspindle Games are taking that fun to the next level.

Lucha Wars is launching at this year’s UK Games Expo. It includes eight new wrestlers, each with their own special moves dice, a ‘Ladder Match’, a ‘Trios Match’, the high dexterity ‘Weapons Match’, and a ‘Solo Play’ training game. Lots of crazy fun to be had.


The game retains the much-loved ‘Tag-team’ matches (up to eight players) and the fast action, brutal ‘Cage match’.

Here is a little taster video (see below also)

The Lucha Academy (solo training environment) pitches the player against three of the other wrestler characters with a Solo Play score track and limited rules so you can prepare for the big matches.


In the ‘Ladder Match’ two players battle it out to get their wrestler to the top of the Ladder first and win the prize. If they both get to the top within one round of each other, special rules come into play as they battle with the Combo Die to knock each other off the top.

The ‘Trios Match’ is two versus one rotation fighting until only two wrestlers remain.

Finally, the ‘Weapons Match’ is all action and dexterity. Each time a wrestler wins a round they can choose a weapon to use against their opponent in the next round. This can mean wrestler standees getting knocked flying or catapulted out of the ring, so time to get your game-face on!