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Coming to Kickstarter in 2020: Dice Theme Park!

28 July, 2020
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Coming to Kickstarter in 2020: Dice Theme Park!

Dice Theme Park, is a brand new board game, all about creating and running your own park of fairground attractions. 

In Dice Theme Park, you are the park managers, trying to create the most successful theme park in the area, by getting your customers on the most rides possible! 

Designed by: Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu with lead development by the Dice Hospital co-designer: Mike Nudd, Dice Theme Park is the spiritual successor to the smash hit: Dice Hospital!

The dice in the game represent the theme park customers, with hex tiles representing the rides in your park.

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Employing a unique “Dice-cascade” mechanic once a customer has enjoyed a ride, their dice value is reduced, but they can still continue to enjoy more rides in the theme park until their value drops to 0 where they exit. 

This means the more efficiently you can move your dice around to activate the most rewarding rides, the more points and money you receive!

Dice Theme Park also features a card-based turn initiative mechanic, decided by your special action role cards (with values 1-6), with players selecting two cards each turn.

The lowest total will gain the first choice of the customer dice draft and ride tiles that round.

At the end of the round those cards will then be passed to the player on your left.

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Dice Theme Park is more interactive and slightly more complex than Dice Hospital, so it’s perfect for those looking for a more involved tabletop experience. With more ways to score and play, whilst keeping that same engaging and satisfying feel, Dice Theme Park will have you visiting its attractions for years to come.

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