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Chip Theory Games: Supporting Sponsors 2020

4 February, 2020

Announcing the first of our 2020 Supporting Sponsors.

UK Games Expo is delighted to welcome Chip Theory Games as a Supporting Sponsor for 2020.

Having attended the show before, Chip Theory Games have levelled up to a supporting sponsorship and are bringing their exciting titles to UK Games Expo 2020.

Chip Theory Games Titles.

"Too Many Bones: Splice & Dice, Chip Theory's latest (and greatest!) expansion for the award winning Too Many Bones series, will make its convention debut at UKGE 2020!

Splice & Dice adds a bevy of new content to the TMB universe, as well as the ability for players to create their own Tyrant to face off against at the end of each game.

This expansion, along with two new playable characters, will be available for purchase at the Chip Theory booth.

Due to their games' premium production quality, Chip Theory predominantly sells directly through Kickstarter and via their website.

Because of this, getting games into Europeans' hands has been a challenge.

UKGE allows customers to pick up Chip Theory's entire critically acclaimed catalogue. Including Cloudspire and Ricky Royal's #1 Solo franchise of all time, Hoplomachus, without the significant shipping fees associated with transporting 5-8 kg games internationally.

Cloudspire debuts at Expo.

This year will also mark the debut of Chip Theory's latest standalone title, Cloudspire, on the UKGE floor.

Full of asymmetrical player vs player, cooperative, and solo gameplay, Cloudspire brings an astounding amount of content to the table, all with Chip Theory's signature combo of beautiful heavy chips, die cut neoprene, and tactical gameplay.

You won't find any of these titles at your local retailer. UKGE may be your only opportunity this year to experience (and purchase) these titles in person! Gamers who loathe premium production, satisfying tactile components, and deep strategy need not apply."

Find out more about Chip Theory Games here.