Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

CATAN® are major sponsors of Virtually Expo 2020

25 July, 2020
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Major Sponsors Catan are back!

Catan are major sponsors of Virtually Expo and we welcome them back again this year for the online show.

Don't forget to visit their stand in the virtual trade hall, there could be a badge waiting for you.

We caught up with Catan about the fact that they are 25 years old this year, brand news games and sneak peaks:

"We at CATAN® are thrilled to be a major sponsor of Virtually Expo 2020!

UK Games Expo is one of our favorite shows of the year. It’s the best place in the UK to connect with new and experienced gamers alike".

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We’re now celebrating our 25th Anniversary! And while nothing is quite the same this year, we are still looking forward to meeting and playing with you!

UKGE has demonstrated responsibility for the safety and health of their attendees and strives to provide a safe and positive event for all. We are proud to support a show that fosters our same values of safety, kindness, inclusion, and fun".

Online Game Demos

"Our brand new scenario, CATAN – Legend of the Conquerors will be released in late Summer. Legend of the Conquerors is a three-chapter scenario series for the CATAN – Cities & Knights expansion. For those who love Cities & Knights, it adds more story, more options and new challenges.

We will be conducting online demonstrations during virtual conventions only. Don’t worry if you can’t participate in a demo live – we will have recordings available, too!"

Sneak Peeks

Get a first look at NEW official CATAN accessories from Gamegenic!

Follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles for more sneak peeks.

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