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The Best Indie Games Alliance are Supporting Sponsors of Expo 2020

5 February, 2020

The BIG Alliance.

The BIG Alliance joins the UK Games Expo 2020 as a supporting sponsor!

"The Best Indie Games Alliance is a gathering of like-minded companies and individuals working in the board gaming industry.

From Publishers to Creators, Distributors to Accessory Producers we all have one thing in common: We are independents in an increasingly crowded market working to create the best product we can.

To survive and prosper in this environment we have come together to share resources and help each other - from a joint booth at events that allows us a larger presence over sharing knowledge and dealing with logistics and warehousing to promotion and Kickstarter funding, we help one another to become BIGger than we are alone.

We have picked UKGE with its great atmosphere and friendly audience as our first major event featuring a BIG booth and we welcome any creator interested in joining our movement.

Auroch_BIG_Alliance_Movie EMpire.png

Exciting New Games.

Our members bring exciting new games such as Funtail's new big box pirate-themed social deduction game Feed the Kraken scheduled for a 2020 release - and ready to be played at UKGE, Movie Empire, a game by Stimulus Games allowing you to become the biggest movie producer in Hollywood as well as Castle von Loghan, from Underground Games, a time-travelling co-op exploration game with a unique combat system and story.

Or maybe you want to make sure you are well-organised and ready to play Gloomhaven with this great quick-start insert from Laserox: The GloomBox?

Come over to our booth and get to know the BIG people! Or if you can't wait until the show then check out our website here".