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Tabletop Scotland

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X-Wing Second Edition to get first play at UK Games Expo

Quality Beast brings board games & D&D to UKGE

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Spidermind Games comes to UKGE for the first time.

Get a sneak peek at Ticket to Ride: New York and more at UK Games Expo!

Tritex Games returns for their 12th year at UKGE

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Asmodee UK to debut major new titles at UK Games Expo

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Bring and Buy is Open for registration

Bring and Buy is Open for registration

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Hexpanse from Korona Games

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Live RPG Plus returns

One Free Elephant at UKGE

Blood on the Clocktower – Make New Friends. Accuse Them of Murder

UK Games Expo 2018 Hall Plans released

The Magic of Irish Faerie Folk brought to life in a boardgame

Calling all Young Artists

The 2018 UKGE Show App is released


Flicky Spaceships on Kickstarter

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Cthulhu Masters - Presented by Chaosium Inc.

Ian Livingstone our guest at UKGE

Quirk Legends on Kickstarter

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Puzzle Card to launch new card at UKGE

Vote ME! on Kickstarter

A musical look at the UK Games Expo

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We are go on Super Sunday!

Faerie Dice

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UKGE Sponsorships Announced

Gangs of Britannia has launched on Kickstarter

UK Games Expo to host Grand Kotei

Frozen Skies now on Kickstarter

Overview of UK Games Expo 2018

From prototype to publication: a success story

Dized Update

Darien Apocalypse Kickstarter Live

1066, Tears to Many Mothers - a card game of War & History

UK Games Expo 2017 Attendance Figures

UKGE 2018 Dates announced

Jump into the world of Tantos with Lightseekers at UKGE 2017

Shades of Vengeance at UKGE

Cosplay props and Security checks


Mayfair Games at UKGE

Immerse yourself in the world of Wild West Exodus

Grown men in bunny ears...

Hawk Wargames at UK Games Expo 2017

IDEAL games for the whole family

Security at UK Games Expo

Dized: the ultimate companion app for learning board games.

Indie game publisher, Quality Beast, to demo dual deck-builder, Seize the Bean

UK Games Expo App Released

Power to the Audience!

Exclusive Tabletop Gaming offers

The UKGE Periodic Table of Games

War of the Nine Realms news

Century: Spice Road from Plan B to debut at UK Games Expo

2018 Child Ticket design winner announced

Czech Games Edition at UKGE


Escape the Dark Castle Kickstarter date announced

What’s your #GameFace?

4Ground Ltd come to UKGE

Take to the skies with Medusa Games

LongPack Games at UKGE

The new Warhammer 40,000

Dance of the Fireflies premiere exclusively at UKGE

UKGE Announces its charities

Chaos Cards at UKGE

Fighting Fantasy is getting a new video game adaptation!

Upper Deck to launch UK National at UK Games expo

Board&Dice News

Play test ThunderVaults debut game Defection.

Ivory game prototype services

3D board game "The Knight, the dragon and the Chess Kingdom”


OMINOES 2nd Edition hits the shops.

1st Omnicians

News about debut game: Everdark

Trefl at UKGE

Tinkerbot Games Announce Ghostel Reprint

Mantic Games Terrain Crate kickstarter


Chaos Cards open physical shop


Summon fantastical Elementals

Fire, Water, Earth & Air.

Triple Ace Games Expo News!

Animal Ailments!

An Easter Art challenge for children

News from Green Boardgames

We can support your convention

Epic struggle for Imperial succession

It’s a brave new world.

Prepare for atmospheric adventure…

The City of Kings now live on Kickstarter!

Colour Chess + Lure – Live on Kickstarter

The Cousins’ War

Flip the Script - unleash your creative streak

Raid - a new tabletop RPG where the story never ends

Blood, Roses and Alien Shamans


Bring and Buy submissions are now open


The Cthulhu Masters Tournament

Wreck And Ruin

Help us build the Expo

UKGE Publisher-Designer Events

UKGE Artwork Revealed

Games Workshop are coming to Expo

UKGE 2017 T-shirts on pre-order

AireCon 4 - less than 3 weeks to go

Calling all Young Artists

ORE-SOME launched on kickstarter

CORKS … it’s a corker of a game!

Gavin Birnbaum talks about QE

Climb on board for National and Galactic level tournaments at UKGE

Paizo release details of UKGE event

More to come for RPGers

Roleplaying Games go Live

Gloom of Kilforth coming to UKGE

Tabletop Gaming Magazine UKGE Print Media Partner

FFG European Championship Tickets sales go live

Shields up: Red Alert!

Joe Dever - a life remembered

Live Classical Music at UKGE

Return to the Dark Room

Knightmare Live stage adaption of TV Classic at UKGE

The MMORPG show at UKGE

Pokemon Regional Championships at Expo

UKGE sponsors AireCon 4

Green light on: go-go-go!

12 Days Of Gaming!

A game of faeries, trolls and cheese

Legends Untold on Kickstarter

Paizo join as UKGE Associate Sponsors

Fantasy Flight European Championships Come to UKGE

OMINOES Kickstarter launches

Take to the trails in Backpacks and Blisters

News about Hotels

Announcing the Sponsors for 2017

Top Hats and Treachery Kickstarter Launches

2 weeks till Airecon

A Preview of Game Plan

Original Content London launch debut game

Beasts of War on board for 2017!

The Football Board Game - Football's coming home!

UK Tabletop Creators Networking Jam!

UKGE Sponsors Airecon

UKGE takes on first employee

FFG Nationals Now Live

Launch of Great Indoors Event

UKGE donations to Charity

Innovative Flicking Game ICE COOL to Be Launched at UKGE

Rogue Artist Creations News

Come and conquer the Nine Worlds

WinGo Games: The Game Manufacturing Expert in China Since 1992

Madbeard Games announces its debut game Wasteland Justice

New from Geek Attitude

Hip Hops Cards: THE Beer Card Game

Game news from Gen 42

Ivory Cards launch board game maker service

Everdark game at UK Games Expo

New Earth Game on Pre-release at UKGE

First chance to get your hands on two new Modiphius games at UK Games Expo

Midlands start-up to put tabletop in the spotlight and unleash Ancient Rome in brand new game!

Game of Blame

Second Thunder Demo Open Combat

Z-man at UKGE


Facepainter at UKGE


Epic Games Need Epic Sound!

We have a winner!

Meet the Wyverns

A Taste of Big Catan

A weekend of MegaCiv

Two budding game designers succeed with the help of the UK Games Expo

OMINOES Deluxe Edition will be available at UK Games Expo.

Experience “The Blight” Pathfinder setting

Ian Livingstone board game news

Standup Vanguard!

Roleplaying Games for Children

UKGE Guild Ball Open Announced

Pegasus Spiele Go Large

The UKGE 2016 T Shirt

Win a Trip to the USA in the UK Catan Final

The beer bus is back!

Cthulhu Masters goes live this weekend

Rule the world or save it?

UKGE Launches Ad Campaign

Seminar Schedule coming Together

Shields up: Red Alert!

Decade of Retail Success reaches Epidemic Proportions

Victoria Creperie

Bring and Buy is now live

Mexican food from Habanero

Netrunner Uruboros Cup is live

Rolling Smoke

Call for Games for Wyvern's Lair

Spectacular Goat's Menu

African nosh from Savanah Grill

The Meat Shacks Menu

Street Food Festival at UKGE

D&D Adventurers League ‘Epic' at UKGE

Open Gaming Space at UKGE

RPG's for 2016 go live

Get your sonic screwdriver here

Pandemic Live Event

Win a Geeknson Game Table

Super Saturday 2016

Dark Room 2.0 Tickets on Sale Wednesday

10th Memoir 44 Tournament

Get ready to enter Doomtown

Yavin Birmingham Open Tickets on Sale today

Calling all Cosplayers

XWING OPEN at UK Games Expo 2016

Calling all Young Artists!

We are go for Event Submissions

Open Call for Volunteers

The Fuel Their Imagination Family Zone

The Dice Tower at UKGE

Colin Baker UKGE Special Guest

10 Years of Everything about Games

Chaosium Inc at UKGE

Battlefield Hobbies Sponsor Expo

Plaza Hotel Room Code

Shop and Drop with Leisure Games

Fantasy Flight Games Sponsor UKGE

Hawk become Major Sponsors

Hilton Explain their Room Rate

Hilton Explain their Room Rate

UK Games Expo Supporting Charity

Joyride Games Kickstarter launches Expo Weekend

New games from Czech Games Edition!

The UKGE Cosplay Parade 2.30 PM Sunday, Main Foyer

Tinker Tailor - on release at UKGE

Death Spiral Games Launch Sleeper

Pedion launch Kickstarter Expo Week

How to Design a Scenario for Star Wars™: X-Wing™

Wotan Games News

North & South games announce new Terrain expansion

First Chance to play

First Chance to Play: Mysterium

Board Game Redesign Competition

Coiledspring Games Pre-show Sneakpeak

You awake to find yourself in a dark room!

How can boardgames change your life?

Stuff your face with Halfling Feast!

New game from TAG: King of Thieves

Extra Extra!

Unlook the Loot: The Dwarves

Writing like a Pro

Drawing like a Pro


Pegasus Spiel at UK Games Expo

Ergo Sum Games (ESG) announce new games

UK Games Expo Supporting Charity

Asmodee Goody Bags

Can you face the challenge

The Timely Temple of Annihilation

The Big Pathfinder Multi-table Special


Play a 1000 year old abstract strategy game at UKGE 2015

Board Game Redesign Competition 2016

Board Game Redesign Finalists

Thirsty Meeples announced as Official Board Game Library Provider.

DR Congo: Hope out of Horror

Star Trek Attack Wing National


A-MUSE-MENT announces 2nd Ed release of The Front Nine card game

We have a game for you

Miniatures Event Tickets go live

Sleeper: Orphans of the Cold War

Playtest return to UKGE


News of our Associate Sponsors

Mayfair Games Major Sponsors

Bring and Buy gets radical make over

Tournament for Camelot - The Build

The UK Games Expo Awards

2014 Hall of Fame News

Sopio Cards New Releases

Jackson and Livingstone Book Signing

Mayfair Games Announcements

1944 Race to the Rhine

RPG’s at UK Games Expo

2nd Edition of Great Fire of London 1666

First appearance of Esteren Miniatures

Listen, ask, laugh and learn

UKGE Family Zone 2014 - with Imagination Gaming

Late Night Pizza?

NSKN release Praetor at Expo

Full Steam Ahead


Hole of DOOM!

Heroclix UK National Championship

Yellow Jersey

Board Game Redesign Finalists revealed

Konami announce plans for UKGE

Win the Settlers of Catan Tournament and see the world

Bring and Buy in 2014

Facepainting at UKGE

Cosplay Awards ready for submission

The Dragons are Ready: are you?

Frankenstein’s Bodies

Pandemic: The Cure

International Flavour to Exhibitors

Board Game Tournaments

Pathfinder: Goblin Attack!

Tripods: Humans against Martians

Tanks, cannons and spears

Board Game Redesign

Food Court Menu Released

Gaming Across 3 Days

Join the Intergalactic Protection Agency

Esdevium announce Regional Tournaments

More Stak Bots for 2014

Event Schedule Goes Live

UKGE 2014 Plans are in the open

Seminar Schedule Now up

Soon all will be revealed

When you play a game of thrones you win or you die.

Shields Up: Red Alert!!

Warmachines and Hordes 2 day events

Chance to win a Ticket to Ride to Paris

Netrunner Open and National Tournaments

Jackson and Livingstone return to Expo

Full speed ahead: Dystophian Naval Wars

40k Birmingham Open

X-Wing 2015 UK Nationals at the Expo

Get ready: tickets available 16th March.

UK Games Expo VAT Registered

UK Games Expo Cosplay Award

Call for UK Games Expo Awards Entries

Does what it says on the Tin

Gms and Umpires: Expo Needs you!

Discover the Science behind Board Games

The King of Cooperative Games

Monte Cook guest at UK Games Expo

Dragons Den at UK Games Expo

Board Game Hub are delighted to announce that Worcestershire's annual gaming event, The Great Indoors, is back and will be held on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September 2019 at The Ladybird Inn, Bromsgrove. This year's event is a little different with the major focus on open gaming. All attendees have ...Read More

The Great Indoors

Board Game Hub are delighted to announce that Worcestershire's annual gaming event, The Great Indoors, is back and will be held on Saturday 14th and ...Read More

Fired Up!

Join a cyberpunk universe and play as the audience in this unique arena boardgame!

Win points with your secret objectives, use your influence dice to cheer ...Read More

The Board Game Book Vol.2

The team behind the critically acclaimed Board Game Book has ...Read More

Fighting Fantasy Fest 3

Celebrating 37 years of Fighting Fantasy, Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 is this Saturday 31st August at The University of West London.   

Part of the ...Read More

On Table Top

We had a great few days spent in sunny and green Coleraine with the chaps from On Table Top. There is some really interesting stuff planned for UKGE 2020 and its ...Read More

Keen Graphic Designer

Meeple Mayhem board game cafe in Birmingham is looking for a designer who is wanting to expand their portfolio by helping with some graphic design on things like ...Read More