Friday 30 May - Sunday 1 Jun 2025
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The Titan’s March - Broken Weave - BRAND NEW CUBICLE 7 SETTING!

Friday, Sunday, Saturday
Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
Alex Lane, Neal Freeman, Andrew Wright


The Titan’s March is a desperate fight for survival as the players race to stop a Titan, a colossal monster on the scale of a natural disaster. They must act quickly to uncover the Titan’s secrets and stop it from destroying their home and killing the people they love. 

The Titan’s March is set in the world of Broken Weave — a brand new post-apocalyptic tragic fantasy campaign setting for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons! The adventure is a great introduction to this incredible new campaign setting, and an exciting and compelling challenge for players. 

About Broken Weave

The weave unravels. The gods are dead, the lands are shattered, and the world has begun to forget what it once was. Time and distance have lost their meaning, and the knowledge of how things once were crumbles like ash. Those who remain struggle to survive in a shattered world overcome by Decay — an entropic force which eats at our memories, reshapes the world, and twists people into nightmarish abominations. 

But all is not lost. Hope survives despite the odds. Community, love, and trust in one another can remake the world. Walking the old forgotten paths gives them permanence, fractured artefacts from the time before spark memories of what once was, and communities gather to create a new way of life.

Broken Weave is a tragic fantasy setting, where hope and community are the only path to creating something new. 

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