Friday 2 - Sunday 4 Jun 2023
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Head off on an adventure. Our Children's Roleplaying Zone runs games for ages 5 to 12.

Animal Adventures

A goblin seized by twisted genius. A village paralysed with terror. A monstrosity waiting to be unleashed. Thank the Good Mother you’re there to help!
In The Kurse of Doktor Krankensteen, your party of brave dogs and cats must take on the warped creations of the eponymous goblin scientist and rescue those unfortunate victims, so cruelly imprisoned by him!

Halloween Knight

So how does one start a life of adventure? Well as Halloween approaches you and your colleagues hear of strange noises and disturbances in the nearby village of Lost Hallows, a tomb with a restless spirit and the chance to be part of stories and tales that will be told for many a year. It sounds like an opportunity you must take, besides, what could go wrong?

An adventure for people new to role-playing and have always wanted to try Dungeons & Dragons.

A Return to the Clarendon school of Enchantment and occultism.

10 years ago the final graduating class of the Clarendon school of Enchantment and occultism battled ancient evil in the schools basement, sealing the evil away below the stones and bringing down the whole school in the process. Now the reconstruction is finally complete, and the school is once again preparing to welcome a new class of students.

This adventure, is a return to the very first adventure written for the Children's roleplaying at The UK Games Expo 10 years ago. Now with 10 years more experience under our belts we are returning to this story to celebrate our anniversary where it all started.

The Haunted house strikes back.

Something strange is happening down at the Funfair. The most popular ride by far is the ghost train, lines around the block and every train goes in full, but every so often they come back empty. The ride operator pretends not to notice, the Funfair management looks the other way, even the police seem oblivious. So its down to you and your group of meddling friends to solve the mystery, and put a stop to it.

The gold calls to us.
Hidden pirate gold rests at the bottom the ocean, lost when the dread pirate king sank beneath the ocean waves. Join up with the brave crew setting sail to recover it. Empty money bag ready and potion of water breathing in hand. But beware the ocean deep, more than water guards this treasure.

Sleepwalk like an Egyptian

Every night for the last month, you have dreamt of the pyramid. A pyramid alone in the darkness, a pyramid that calls out to you. Every night, you run towards it, every night you wake up just as you reach the door. But tonight the dream was different, Tonight you where not alone, others walked with you in the darkness and when you reached the door. It opened.