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Obscure Board Game Rules

  1. In Monopoly, when a player lands on an unsold property he or she does not want to buy, it goes to auction.
  2. When making an accusation in Cluedo (not a suggestion or guess), you don't have to be in the room you're guessing.
  3. A "yahtzee" (five dice showing the same number) can be used for full points in a scoring section for which it doesn't fill the requirements (like a straight). However, the original "yahtzee" box must already be filled, as must the entire top half of the scoring sheet.
  4. The winner in Jenga is the person whose turn it was right before the tower got knocked down.
  5. In Life, when you run out of tiles, you can take them from anyone who retired at Millionaire Estates.
  6. In Risk, you can move armies from any territory to any territory you possess, as long as you can get there through countries you've conquered.
  7. In Trivial Pursuit, a player who gets no questions wrong can start and end the game on one turn, collecting all pieces along the way.
  8. In Cluedo, you cannot occupy the same space as another player, even if you're only using it mid-move to get to another space.
  9. In Battleship, to speed up gameplay, you can call multiple squares on each turn.
  10. In Monopoly, you can choose how long you want to play. Whoever has the most money when your set time runs out is declared the winner.
  11. Slang is acceptable in Scrabble as long as the word is in the Official Scrabble Dictionary.
  12. The person who built the tower gets the first move in Jenga.