Friday 3 - Sunday 5 Jun 2022
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Cosplay and Reenactors Policy

Please be careful when selecting weapons and props to bring to an event. As costumers and eventers our team understand you don't intend to cause fear or alarm by choosing the most suitable prop or weapon for your costume, but public can sometimes misunderstand the intent behind a costume or a weapon, so we advise caution and operate a weapons and props policy on site.

Re-enactment groups and their props are covered in an addendum below, it is important to make the distinction between the two groups as cosplayers are generally not trained in the handling of their props but also have less reason or need to carry imitation firearms and the like so for everyone’s safety the rules are more restrictive for cosplayers. Please understand that our staff are also well aware of the differences and that cosplayers attempting to breach the weapons policy by calling themselves re-enactors will still be subject to the rules for cosplayers and may be penalised for attempting to breach the policy.

Please do not bring anything to site that could be considered under the offensive weapons act.

The list below is an indication and is not exclusive.

Please do not bring:

  • Wooden or metal bats
  • Daggers or blades
  • Bokken
  • Wooden swords
  • Metal swords
  • Replica firearms
    Deactivated firearms
  • Live firearms
  • Active BB guns
  • Any prop gun without an orange cap. (We will have electrical tape to cap guns)
  • Crossbows
  • Any strung bow (prop bows without draw are acceptable)
  • Please ensure any arrows are secure in their quiver and cannot be pulled out
  • Solid staves ( please use pvc or larp foam for construction)
  • Spears
  • Solid mallets
  • Batons
  • Sword sticks
  • Knuckle dusters
  • Boot knives

(Re-enactors see the addendum below with regards deactivated firearms, real swords and so on)

Aliens Pulse rifles, Star Wars blasters and such similar items are very much allowed as long as they are NOT converted BB guns, they must be safe, non firing (unless NERF) replicas and in the case of NERF they must be without ammunition. All such props are subject to the weapons check policy as laid out in this document.

There will be a prop storage facility, and some props may be able to be used for photoshoots under supervision in the cosplay area at the managements discretion. If you bring an illegal weapon to site it may be confiscated and given to the police, or you may only be able to leave site with the weapon in a private car or taxi to your home.

Oversize costumes/Costumes with limited visibility

Some of these can fall into the category of the most amazing costume ever seen, however like all great things they carry a risk. If you have a costume which limits your manoeuvrability, or your vision please make sure you have a spotter with you. If your costume is bigger than would fit through a standard domestic door please again make sure you have a spotter.

Exceptionally large or wide costumes may require more than one spotter.

Re-Enactment Addendum
(where applicable)
We have no wish at all to exclude re-enactment groups from events and in such cases we will make special exceptions, properly deactivated or realistic firearms are allowed without orange tip though they must be carried properly and if you are wishing to leave the building and go onto public land at all for things such as smoking or eating etc we ask that you leave the item with us or that it goes in your weapons case (as many re-enactors have).

When it comes to melee weapons we also make exception for blunted real weapons as well, we understand that as trained, professional re-enactors you are essentially safe with such items but that carrying is done as per above.

It is expected that you will also be following the standard safety procedures as laid out by your re-enactment groups.
In essence, items deemed safe for re-enactment will be absolutely allowed under the above provisos, our goal is simply to keep everyone safe, including yourselves.

Reenactment Groups

Reenactment groups are probably our lowest risk as far as weapons goes, while we need to remain legal, the professional reenactors whose prescence the event enjoys are accustomed to carrying their weapons in large public events and making sure they are not commandeered by the public or leaving their props where they could be picked up and used for harm.

Authorised groups carrying props and weapons within our safety remits are not a concern if accompanied by a spotter while wandering the venue.